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#1. The things that are happening to me are unbelievable. I'm actually busier right now than when I played football. This is almost like I'm coming back out of retirement. It will be fun to see myself in the game.

Jerry Rice

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#2. Without thinking, I asked, "Are you afraid of temptation?"
He shook his head. "God, no. Just being with you, just seeing you. Fuck." He mostly swallowed the expletive, his hips rolling in a way that made me think the movement was instinctual, then added on a rush, "You breathing tempts me.

Penny Reid

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#3. I am nothing if not a loyalist. After 46 years in the Labour party, I've grown weary of the cry: 'If only we had a new, shining, revamped leader, all would be well.'

David Blunkett

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#4. Change his mind. Tell him you're sorry you grilled his shorts. That you're sorry you've got ice running through your veins .

C.C. Hunter

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#5. A number is random if the simplest way to express it is by writing it down.

Cory Doctorow

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