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#1. Men are like parking spaces, the good ones are already taken and the ones left are running out of their metres - Author: Barbara Johnson
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#2. He half rose from his seat and reached across another student's desk to drop the mangled paper clip in front of Tommy.
"Look, dude," he said, his voice low and earnest. "You want to ask me out, you man up and do it proper. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
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#3. The cure for unhappiness ... It's this: What a person needs is always more than they say. - Author: Avi
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#4. Individuals usually do a better job than the government. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#5. Sense of humor. A girl who doesn't take themselves too seriously. And someone who is spontaneous. They're the three things for me that really attract me to a girl. - Author: Christopher Egan
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#6. If there's reason for hope, it lies in man's occasional binges of cooperation. To save our planet, we'll need that kind of heroic effort, in which all types of people join forces for the common good - Author: George Meyer
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#7. She was but a transient impression, half forgotten. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#8. The ego is the preprogrammed response and your awareness is at a higher level of consciousness. Awareness allows you to drive right past your ego, so you can detach from it in order, meaning it won't consume you. - Author: Josh Mecka
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#9. I was watching something the other day which started out with five guys walking towards you and one woman, and there you go-it's still being dominated by the male society. - Author: Joan Severance
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#10. Eskimos have five words for different kinds of snow, because they live with it and it is important to them. But the Aztec language has but one word for snow, rain, and hail. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#11. If you want to study the social and political history of modern nations, study hell. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#12. A tiny detail can make you feel completely different. I feel different if I wear something that I'm slightly uncomfortable in. - Author: Yukimi Nagano
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