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Top 24 Dead Images And Quotes

#1. As soon as we confront concrete marriages with other foreign images-such as well-being, happiness, a home for children-marriage appears to be senseless, withered, moribund, and kept alive largely by a great apparatus of psychologists and marriage counselors. Marriage is dead. Long live marriage! - Author: Adolf Guggenbhuhl-Craig
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#2. Those who are ignorant of history and the evolution of taste are apt at every turn to make the present age their standard, and imagine nothing so barbarous or savage but what is contrary to the manners of their own time. - Author: Anthony Ashley Cooper III
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#3. Every book for me is a chapter in the long book which will finally be closed on the day of my death. - Author: Peter Ackroyd
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#4. The man who pursues happiness wisely will aim at the possession of a number of subsidiary interests in addition to those central ones upon which his life is built. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#5. A sign of this is what happens (10) in our actions, for we delight in contemplating the most accurately made images of the very things that are painful for us to see, such as the forms of the most contemptible insects and of dead bodies. - Author: Aristotle.
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#6. Television broadcasts have, in the main, been more suggestive, less specific, more distant in their images than the print press: often you knew that lump was a dead body only because a chattering reporter told you it was. - Author: Bruce Jackson
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#7. Death is going to die. - Author: Philip Pullman
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#8. In the next 30 years we can destroy our world. With the very same powers - spiritual, social, scientific - we can evolve our world. Our mission is to serve as catalysts for a planetary awakening in our lifetime, to take a non-violent path to the next stage of our evolution. - Author: Barbara Marx Hubbard
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#9. We have strayed from the Immortal's ways And worship with a dull and senseless mind Idols, the workmanship of our own hands, And images and figures of dead men. - Author: Justin Martyr
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#10. I don't want to be polite. I don't think campaigning is polite. That's a disingenuous effort. - Author: Carl Paladino
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#11. Oh, yes, let's bless the imagination. It gives us the myths we live by. Let's bless the visionary power of the human - the only animal that's got it - , bless the exact image of your father dead and mine dead, bless the images that stalk the corners of our sight and will not let go. - Author: Philip Levine
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#12. You can't teach others if you are living the same way. - Author: James Brown
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#13. One in six people in the U.S. at some point each year don't know where their next meal will come from. - Author: Sylvia Mathews Burwell
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#14. It's like when you read a book and you know that the words are important, but the images blossoming in your imagination are even more important because it's your mind that allows the words to come to life. - Author: Jack Gantos
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#15. When we come to a comparison of heaven and earth, then we may indeed not only forget all about the present life, but even despise and scorn it. - Author: John Calvin
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#16. It is always easier to promote war than peace, easier to end the peace than end the war, because peace is fragile and war is durable. - Author: Mark Kurlansky
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#17. We're constantly taking pictures of ourselves. It's a bit scary, because images are essentially dead, so we judge beauty on something that isn't alive. - Author: Elle Fanning
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#18. Prizes are like butterflies, colorful butterflies that fly away. I don't believe in prizes much. - Author: Lina Wertmuller
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#19. The erotic is not about nudity and nudity is rarely erotic. The erotic is subtle, a feeling, a gesture, a mood, a story frozen in the moment that holds you breathless waiting for the next moment. Understand this, and you understand the erotic. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
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#20. It broke over him, a frothing, churning sea a images and sound, so vivid he had to close his eyes against it and hold his breath. Faces long dead; words spoken and heard; professions of love and regret and hate; episodes of intimacy as painful to recall as those characterised by violence. - Author: Stephen Lloyd Jones
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#21. I'm sick of the images trapped in my head
I'm sick of being preoccupied with the dead - Author: Jessica-Lynn Barbour
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#22. I realized I was a teacher when I felt warm during class and got up to open the door. Later on there was noise in the hallway, so I got up and shut it. Students can't open and close the door whenever they feel like it. - Author: David Sedaris
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#23. Everything that belongs to the past seems to have fallen into the sea; I have memories, but the images have lost their vividness, they seem dead and desultory, like time - bitten mummies stuck in a quagmire. - Author: Henry Miller
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#24. He shifts and my eyes shatter into thousands of pieces that ricochet around the room, capturing a million snapshots, a million moments in time. Flickering images faded with age, frozen thoughts hovering precariously in dead space, a whirlwind of memories that slice through my soul. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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