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#1. If you speak in a different accent, you begin to move in a slightly different way. You think in a slightly different way. I think it's part of trying to find what makes a character. - Author: David Tennant
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#2. 'Family Secrets' is thought provoking, well written, and remorselessly intelligent. - Author: Jane Ridley
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#3. I started studying what the nature of a monument is and what a monument should be. And for the World War III memorial I designed a futile, almost terrifying passage that ends nowhere. - Author: Maya Lin
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#4. The worst pair of opposites is boredom and terror. Sometimes your life is a pendulum swing from one to the other. - Author: Yann Martel
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#5. You obviously haven't lived in D.C. very long if you think two and a half minutes is too soon to talk politics. - Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
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#6. It has been said that a man with an argument is no match for a man with an experience. - Author: DC Talk The Voice Of The Martyrs
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#7. Better advice is to wait and chase God. While you're waiting for the love of your life, pursue God. - Author: Kelsey Kupecky
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#8. If a person sings quietly to himself on the street people smile with approval; but if he talks it's not alright; they think he's crazy. The singer is presumed to be happy and the talker unhappy ... - Author: Edward Hoagland
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#9. My credentials, briefly: I no longer go to church or believe in God, but I can still name every one of the fruits of the Spirit and reeled for days upon hearing the announcement that Audio Adrenaline was reunited with one of the singers from DC Talk. - Author: Mallory Ortberg
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#10. Did you know the pen is stronger than the knife: they can kill you once but they can't kill you twice. - Author: Damian Marley
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#11. We wanted to talk about death in the DC Universe, and how some people go to get a pass and come back, and some people didn't. That opened up a whole other topic about legacy. We wanted to talk about what was required to be a hero, what were the elements of true heroism? - Author: Greg Rucka
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#12. If you were trying to talk a passenger through landing a DC-10, you'd stop walking. Likewise, if you were walking across a gorge on a rope bridge, you'd likely stop talking. - Author: Gary Keller
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