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Top 12 Daylight Memorable Quotes

#1. The one-cylinder ward is one in which the bishop handles all the problems, makes all the decisions, follows through on all the assignments, and faces every challenge. Then, like any other overworked cylinder, he starts to sputter and behave erratically. Eventually, he burns out altogether.

M. Russell Ballard

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#2. Abortion and gay marriage are the political hot-buttons of the day. There are lot of things going wrong in the world, hate is running amok, so why just focus on these two hot-buttons and not everything else?

Robert Hood

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#3. I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Almighty Creator. By fighting the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work.

Adolf Hitler

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#4. The ruling family in Kuwait is good at blackmail, exploitation, and destruction of their opponents. They had perpetuated a grave U.S. conspiracy against us ... stabbing Iraq in the back with a poisoned dagger.

Saddam Hussein

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#5. Dangerously close to having to work for a living.

Rosen Topuzov

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#6. I always enjoy watching Republicans compliment Bill Clinton now, because at the time, I'm sure he didn't feel a lot of the love.

Barack Obama

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#7. I wouldn't have made it back if it weren't for you, Earwig. I just kept telling myself, every day, every hour, that I had to live through it to come home for you.

Sandra Kring

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#8. I went to the Brit School for the performing arts in Croydon at 14, picking music as my main subject, and I'm so glad I did. I knew lots of people who'd gone there, so I always had my mind set on it.

Katy B

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#9. I've been on stage since I was 7. That's where I'd rather be than anywhere else. Just because you can do a bunch of things doesn't mean you are a bunch of things. I can act. I can sing. But I am a dancer.

Bebe Neuwirth

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#10. If unconditional love and genuine enthusiasm are present, praise isn't necessary. If they're absent, praise won't help.

Alfie Kohn

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#11. Furthermore, unlike so many of his evangelical contemporaries he did not hold the view that the various inter-denominational youth movements represented the most hopeful field of labour; indeed his doctrine of the church left him with little sympathy for that attitude.

Iain H. Murray

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#12. Knowing and thinking exist for the sake of love
for the sake of building people up in faith. Thinking that produces pride instead of love is not true thinking.

John Piper

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