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#1. I'm in a rock band - I don't have a day job! I am spoiled ... a lot. - Author: Stone Gossard
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#2. Small bodies, about half a micron in diameter, and later referred to under the name of 'mitochondria' were detected under the light microscope as early as 1894. - Author: Albert Claude
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#3. Those crazy physicists that spend all day cooking themselves under an atomic reactor and all night writing stories for Weird World have done it. Spoiled my day completely. One of those idiots has hung the world up like a celluloid ball in an airstream. - Author: Shirley Jackson
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#4. It was simple reality - most competitive tennis players in my day were privileged, spoiled, entitled and white. Also, many of them were beautiful, fit, tan and of good stock - great big hair and white teeth and long legs. Then there were the rest of us. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#5. The summer day was spoiled with fitful storm; At night the wind died and the soft rain dropped; With lulling murmur, and the air was warm, And all the tumult and the trouble stopped. - Author: Celia Thaxter
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#6. The oil companies are regulated by the federal government. They can't drill on land nor in American waters without permission from the feds. Many Republicans want to drill baby drill but what's the point if all the oil goes to China? Increased production obviously doesn't mean lower prices for us. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
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#7. There are worse things than pain, Miss Barrow, - Author: Victoria Aveyard
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#8. Players are spoiled by charter airplanes, the finest hotels, a big per diem every day. - Author: Chick Hearn
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#9. Of village: it is not called so because its inhabitants are of higher age on average; in fact, there is no connection between the words "village" and "age" whatsoever. - Author: Jakub Marian
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#10. In this day and age of texts, Twitter, and Facebook, we are very rarely surprised by anything anymore - something always leaks out and gets spoiled. - Author: Brad Goreski
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#11. Well, the cat is flourishing and gets more spoiled and more beautiful every day. His whiskers measure, from tip to tip, including his mouth and nose, of course, ten inches, pure white whale bone. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
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#12. I've not really had a bad Christmas. Apart from serious things, like when my father died. He rather spoiled the party and I've never forgiven him for falling off the twig on Christmas Day. - Author: John Nettles
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#13. I never cut my neighbor's throat;
My neighbor's gold I never stole;
I never spoiled his house and land;
But God have mercy on my soul!
For I am haunted night and day
By all the deeds I have not done;
O unattempted loveliness!
O costly valor never won! - Author: Marguerite Wilkinson
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#14. I'm so spoiled - I must have a Starbucks vanilla latte every day. - Author: Katie Holmes
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#15. It makes it really hard to just go to a dinner party because, in my work life, I'm surrounded by the funniest people, ever. I'm really spoiled. I laugh a lot, in my day. - Author: Jenna Fischer
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#16. The rain has spoiled the farmer's day;
Shall sorrow put my books away?
Thereby are two days lost. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#17. All that day she had had the feeling that she was playing in the theatre with actors better than herself and that her poor playing spoiled the whole thing. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#18. I showed her my cubicle of commercial artistry, and drew her attention to my latest project. "Oh, that's lovely," she said when I pointed out the drawing of a nymph with flowers in her freshly shampooed hair. "That's really nice." That "nice" remark almost spoiled my day. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
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#19. How sweet and sacred idleness is! - Author: Walter Savage Landor
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#20. I always appreciated the ex-players. Being a Yankee, you get spoiled. Old-Timers Day, all these guys coming back, spring training, being around them, you get a chance to get to know them. So I always think you learn a lot by listening. - Author: Derek Jeter
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