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#1. I'm an unpure purist, something like that. - Author: Keith Richards
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#2. cities have marvelous innate abilities for understanding, communicating, contriving and inventing what is required to combat their difficulties," she wrote. They get their order from below; they are learning machines, pattern recognizers - even when the patterns they respond to are unhealthy ones. - Author: Steven Johnson
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#3. America is a miracle country. - Author: John Kasich
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#4. We can all be prouder to be human beings, because that's what they were. They make up for a lot of liars, cheats, and terrorists among us. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#5. There are some casual fans who think you're going to dominate a game, be magic, score 10 goals. Even if you dominate a game, you'll only score two or three goals. - Author: Freddy Adu
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#6. Seattle? With Caine? In a hotel?
I'd either kill him or screw him again.
"Alexa, the speakerphone is on," Caine's amused voice sounded from my desk.
Oh, balls. - Author: Samantha Young
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#7. A man in Mali told me that there are seven senses. Everyone has five, some can use their sixth. But not everyone has the seventh. It is the power to heal with music, calm with color, to soothe the sick soul with harmony. He told me that I have this gift, and I know what I have to do with it. - Author: Marie Daulne
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#8. No socialist government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp or violently worded expressions of public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanly directed in the first instance. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#9. The curse of Scottish literature is the lack of a whole language, which finally means the lack of a whole mind. - Author: Edwin Muir
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#10. I think that most people who are just artists, who are getting famous, would trade a lot of their fame back for some normalcy, pretty much immediately. - Author: Ansel Elgort
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#11. I was a nervous young man. I wanted to do so many things. And I was so enthusiastic and earnestly in love with so many things that I tried too hard. I tried really, really hard. And I made a lot of mistakes. I was afraid of a lot of stuff. And I kind of feel bad for that person I was. - Author: Ryan Adams
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#12. There's like a special group of people that come from different parts of the planet to study with me. It's nice. I just gave a workshop in Boston at the New England Conservatory, which was really nice. - Author: Charlie Haden
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#13. These are challenging times at home and around the world. We will have to work together in a bipartisan spirit and with our international partners if we are going to achieve progress and peace now and for future generations. - Author: Susan Collins
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#14. We have children to pursue other elements of well-being. We want meaning in life. We want relationships. - Author: Martin Seligman
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#15. You are at once both the quite and the confusion of my heart. - Author: Nico J. Genes
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