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#1. In every business I had ever started, even ones that had totally failed, I had kept good relations with the investors. - Author: James Altucher
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#2. I didn't know it would be so easy to make you smile - Author: Kiera Cass
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#3. There are converging web-related issues cropping up, like privacy and security, that we currently have no way of thinking about. Nobody has thought to look at how people and the web combine as a whole - until now. - Author: Tim Berners-Lee
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#4. Fashion goes with the feeling of the moment. It's related to movies, to art, to young people's taste. - Author: Gianni Versace
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#5. We are all of us doomed to spend our lives watching a movie of our lives - we are always acting on what has just finished happening. - Author: Tom Wolfe
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#6. The theatrical performance of politicians who profess to speak for an "American People" do nothing to highlight the history of poverty. - Author: Nancy Isenberg
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#7. Aren't we all depressed, Detective? Under the weight of all this unbearable immanence? - Author: Ben H. Winters
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#8. In hoc signo vinces - Author: Machado De Assis
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#9. I felt it was vital to stress the importance of national security in this debate and the need for a clear path to our exit from the European Union. I hope I have achieved both these objectives. - Author: Liam Fox
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#10. Stay for me. Stay with me. There will never be anyone else. Not in my bed. Not in my life. And not in my heart. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#11. When Hailey was born my first thought was that I needed a drink and that hospitals should have bars in them. - Author: Jenny Lawson
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#12. One night, Tess finds me sobbing during the health segment of the evening news. Scientists have discovered scarred cells from cardiac arrest fall away over time, and she can't understand how sadly hopeful that is. To me, it means that the human heart has the capacity to heal itself. - Author: Koren Zailckas
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#13. One day America and all its presidents will be a footnote in history, but the kingdom of Jesus will never end. - Author: John Piper
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#14. Worry is a prayer for something you don't want. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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