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#1. Amazing how much one could take and then all of a sudden he broke."
"True. - Author: Yiyun Li
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#2. Don't Fall in love, Rise in Love! - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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#3. I love myspace and sites like that, cause its allowed me to stay connected to my fans. The personal connection remains the same, but as I've grown, it never gets to be too overwhelming. It allows the artist to be as involved as they want to be. - Author: Tristan Prettyman
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#4. If I were travelling with two partners, one virtuous and one dishonest, both would be useful as teachers. I would perceive what's good of the first one and I would imitate him whereas I would try to correct in me the defects I may see in the second one. - Author: Confucius
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#5. My advice is: 1. Be judicious in the use of military force. 2. When military force is required, use overwhelming force. 3. Do not micromanage military leaders. 4. Ensure your battle plans will win the conflict and win the peace. - Author: Steve Stivers
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#6. When it comes to terrorism, governments seem to suffer from a collective amnesia. All of our historical experience tells us that there can be no purely military solution to a political problem, and yet every time we confront a new terrorist group, we begin by insisting we will never talk to them. - Author: Jonathan Powell
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#7. Jimi Hendrix's music was escapism. - Author: Perry Farrell
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#8. If he were alive, she might come to see his flaws ... but a dead man is perfect. - Author: Rumiko Takahashi
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