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#1. Father or stepfather - those are just titles to me. They don't mean anything. - Author: Oliver Hudson
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#2. When I received the news of the Nobel Peace Award, I could not believe it. I told my father, 'I think they have the wrong name, Dad. Please, can you talk to this man on the phone? I'm busy cooking!' - Author: Betty Williams
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#3. I wasn't aware of my dad being an actor when I was young. I remember there was an Australian children's entertainer on television called Ralph Harris and when I'd say my father was an actor, kids would say, you know, 'oh, is he Ralph Harris?' And I had to say no and then they would lose interest. - Author: Jared Harris
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#4. One of my earliest memories is of my father carrying me in one arm with a picket sign in the other. - Author: Camryn Manheim
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#5. I stopped loving my father a long time ago. What remained was the slavery to a pattern. - Author: Anais Nin
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#6. Being the son of a father who works so hard, I always wanted to be able take a lot of load off of my dad so he can just relax. - Author: Romeo Miller
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#7. At this moment, I know that the answer has to be yes. I am defeated. By my own father. How Darth Vader. - Author: Denis Markell
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#8. My dad was a preacher. My relationship, for example, with my father
very difficult, and very painful, and it took me 50 years to wipe the face of my father off the face of God. - Author: William P. Young
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#9. They say some people ' cast a thin shadow', a turn of phrase that fitted my father like a glove. Too weak, too kind, he couldn't even say goodbye to my mother and me when he left. Weak and pathetic, pathetic and sad - that Dad. - Author: Rika Yokomori
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#10. My dad's not a very intimidating father figure. - Author: Georgia Jagger
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#11. My father was grounded, a very meat-and-potatoes man. He was a baker. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#12. Dad, because you are my father it's been easy to believe in God. - Author: John Walter Bratton
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#13. My mom and dad are second-generation Greek-Americans who instilled in our middle-class family the values of hard work, self-reliance, and service, exemplified by my father's tenure as a U.S. Marine who was stationed at Camp David under President Truman. - Author: James Costos
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#14. I grew up in a house where my father encouraged my brother and me to fail. I specifically remember coming home and saying, 'Dad, Dad, I tried out for this or that and I was horrible,' and he would high-five me and say, 'Way to go.' - Author: Sara Blakely
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#15. I'm a fun father, but not a good father. The hard decisions always went to my wife. - Author: John Lithgow
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#16. I've always taken my love of children from my father. He was a children magnet. Suddenly, having my first child hit home what my dad went through. - Author: Robert Carlyle
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#17. The best fathers have the softest, sweetest hearts. In other words, great dads are real marshmallows. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#18. My father only hit me once, but he used a Volvo. - Author: Bob Monkhouse
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#19. A lot of controversy over this possible invasion of Iraq. In fact, Nelson Mandela was so upset, he called Bush's dad. How embarrassing, when world leaders start calling your father. - Author: Jay Leno
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#20. I want my children to be proud of their father and to say, 'My father is the best dad in the world.' And I want them to belong to a modern family, and live a path of happiness and calm. - Author: Ricky Martin
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#21. Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. - Author: Anne Geddes
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#22. I'm a dedicated father - a hopeless, dedicated father. I mean, I am dork dad. I am just - I love my children. I have kids - you know, Joey's 30-something, and then I have all the way down to 4 years old, believe it or not. At my age, five kids. - Author: Joe Piscopo
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#23. If I could choose the perfect Dad
There's no one I would rather
Have Dad, than you Dad
Coz you go further, Father
Happy Birthday Father - Author: John Walter Bratton
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#24. My father was a tomato farmer. There is the phrase that says he or she worked their fingers to the bone, well, that's my dad. And he was a very good man. - Author: Sidney Poitier
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#25. My father was a management genius. But what I really wanted was a dad. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#26. That night, stargazing on the deck with Dad, eyes on the sky, he pointed out Orion, Betelgeuse. "It's an art to read the stars, baby."
I never wanted to leave his side-my sure song for so long. Now? His eyes are stone changed. Just looking at them hurts my heart. - Author: Norma Fox Mazer
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#27. With the sensation that he was passing through the Looking-Glass, Max stared at his father as if he had never seen him before - simultaneously impressed and unnerved at the thought that, after all these years, he still knew so little about him. - Author: Sol Luckman
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#28. My dad came out of the Roosevelt era and the Depression. One person and one party made a difference in his life. That's what everybody forgot when they called my father and other people political bosses. - Author: Richard M. Daley
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#29. Thanks, Dad," she whispered in his ear. Then recovering her composure, she knelt before him and said, "I give thanks, my Father. May your decision be proved right and true. - Author: Stuart Hill
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#30. Your dad called and sent me in with a replacement part. He doesn't want you down for even a second. I'm also here to, and I quote your father, 'Fuck up anyone who comes at you.' (Nero) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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