Top 13 Cute Worm Quotes

#1. My philosophy is very much to encourage my children to forge their own success and happiness, even though that will undoubtedly involve much more modest levels of wealth creation.

John Caudwell

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#2. The sea is not less beautiful in our eyes because we know that sometimes ships are wrecked by it.

Simone Weil

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#3. It's business, selling comics, you work out what sells and you don't want to muck about with it too much.

Eddie Campbell

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#4. You are speakin' low like me," he answered. "But we have no dream we can wake from

Owen Wister

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#5. I tried football and got my ass beat. I tried baseball, and the ball knocked out one of my teeth.


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#6. A stumble may prevent a fall.

Thomas Fuller

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#7. Verse is a mechanism by which we can create interpretative illusions suggesting profoundities of response and understanding which far exceed the engagement or research of the writer.

John Constable

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#8. I'd like to tell you it gets easier, but it doesn't. It just gets different.

Heather Hepler

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#9. At some point paradise would be lost.

Haruki Murakami

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#10. She thought about her life and how lost she'd felt for most of it. She thought about the way that all truths she'd been taught to consider valuable invariably conflicted with the world as it was actually lived. How could a person be so utterly lost, yet remain living?

Douglas Coupland

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#11. In 1944 James Arthur and Minnie Susan were added to the Marx household.

Harpo Marx

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#12. Learning always occurs in a context of taking action, and they value engagement and experience as the most effective strategies for deep learning.

Richard DuFour

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#13. Republicans are good at standing by their candidate.

George Clooney

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