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Top 11 Cute Competition Cheer Quotes

#1. I want to give a really BAD party. I mean it. I want to give a party where there's a brawl and seductions and people going home with their feelings hurt and women passed out in the cabinet de toilette. You wait and see. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#2. Soon, I knew that I would become a chemist, rather than a composer. - Author: Richard Ernst
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#3. Unhappy people often insist on trying to uncover the full magnitude of their unhappiness, or choose to investigate other people's lives as a distraction from their own. - Author: Javier Marias
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#4. Negativity is a sucking whirlpool of piss. - Author: Steve Bivans
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#5. it is an amazing thing to be with someone who really sees you. - Author: Laura Dave
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#6. Punk rock isn't something you grow out of Punk rock is an attitude, and the essence of that attitude is 'give us some truth' - Author: Joe Strummer
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#7. People have tried to put me in a box my whole life. I'm too tall. I'm too pretty. Too Miss USA. Wonder Woman. Prettiest woman in the world. And all of that. It doesn't matter because I've gone my own way and have tried to approach my career from a gut level, doing what I thought was right. - Author: Lynda Carter
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#8. I don't think I'd ever get thin, but I don't see why I should necessarily think that I couldn't ... You can't live your life for your routines. - Author: Alexei Sayle
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#9. But just one gram of suspicion weighs heavier than a kilo of truth! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#10. 'Watchmen' is a politically charged story, and it explores exactly what a hero is, how the world would treat them and how they would react. It was the first time I read a superhero story that explored that situation. These are very real people with very real problems. - Author: Gerard Way
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#11. That's what I mean about Catholicism - your sexual life is supposed to be dead if you're a good Catholic. That's wrong. It's human nature to be sexual, so why would God want you to deny your human nature? - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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