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#1. When we're threatened, it's very easy to appeal to our basic natures. - Author: Paul Haggis
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#2. Opens up a whole new view of Beckett. The strong mutual attraction between Beckett and Cunard may help explain the leftist political views he expressed both in these superb and long-neglected translations for Negro and elsewhere in his work. - Author: Barney Rosset
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#3. Since I'm essentially optimistic, I can't imagine a world in which man is totally decimated or degraded. - Author: Nelson Algren
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#4. There is such a thing as looking through a person's eyes into the heart, and learning more of the height, and breadth, and depth of another's soul in one hour than it might take you a lifetime to discover, if he or she were not disposed to reveal it, or if you had not the sense to understand it. - Author: Anne Bronte
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#5. I was in Nashville, Tennessee, and I saw - we talk about crumbling bridges - I saw one, concrete literally falling onto the underpass below, threatening auto traffic. - Author: Anthony Foxx
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#6. (Cunard tickets did not identify babies by name, possibly out of quiet resentment that they traveled free.) - Author: Erik Larson
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#7. A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart. - Author: Zeus
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#8. I'm positive about the negative, but a little negative about the positive. - Author: Curly Howard
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#9. The older I get, the more I believe in what I can't explain or understand, even more than the things that are explainable and understandable. - Author: Lillian Gish
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#10. Light and evanescent but held together by bolts of iron - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#11. The only true happiness lies in knowing who you are ... and making peace with it. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#12. Emerald [Cunard] alleged that Mrs Ronnie instructed her chef to inflate the quails to be served at dinner with a bicycle pump. - Author: Sian Evans
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#13. The Greek word for box is kouti which also means stupid. - Author: Lucas Samaras
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