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Top 18 Culture Of Accountability Quotes

#1. A man on a quest. A Don Quixote searching for his Dulcinea. But keep in mind my good friend, Don Quixote never found his Dulcinea, did he? He did not. There sometimes isn't much difference between a knight's quest and a fool's errand. - Author: Morgan Matson
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#2. So very lovely
His blood on her swollen lips
His first vampire
So very lovely
He would have to remember
Each salacious cut
He took her slowly
Bled her of secrets and screams
He smiled contemplating
That vampires bled just like whores. - Author: Wrath James White
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#3. We're building a culture of accountability, trust, and togetherness. Entitlement will not be tolerated - Author: Brad Stevens
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#4. People can defame anyone they like, people can write anything they like. But non-accountability is a part of modern Indian culture. - Author: Salman Khurshid
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#5. The problem with the British film industry is the nervousness and insecurity about - and genuflection toward - Los Angeles. - Author: Mike Leigh
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#6. Great companies have high cultures of accountability, it comes with this culture of criticism I was talking about before, and I think our culture is strong on that. - Author: Steve Ballmer
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#7. Developing a Culture of Accountability where people take ownership for achieving key organizational results requires a willingness to make the link between where you are and what you have done with where you want to be and what you are going to do to get there. - Author: Roger Connors
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#8. Everything in strategy is very simple, but that does not mean everything is very easy. - Author: Carl Von Clausewitz
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#9. The NTSB operates with small, experienced teams, and each of its reports is approved by a senior board of five, creating a culture of accountability, collaboration, empowerment and pride. Among - Author: William W. Priest
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#10. Unless you're a serial killer, you're worried about being liked by somebody. - Author: Kristin Bauer Van Straten
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#11. I won't say there aren't any Harvard graduates who have never asserted a superior attitude. But they have done so to our great embarrassment and in no way represent the Harvard I know. - Author: Derek Bok
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#12. Evil exists everywhere. Sometimes I think our limited senses are designed to protect us from awareness of its presence. We trust them to provide us with knowledge but it may be that they block out realization of horrors we cannot bear. - Author: Robert Bloch
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#13. You get a culture of entrepreneurship after you have successfully changed the accountability system so that people can use a better process. Process drives culture, not the other way around, so you can't just change the culture, you have to change the system. - Author: Eric Ries
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#14. When the culture of an organization mandates that it is more important to protect the reputation of a system and those in power than it is to protect the basic human dignity of individuals or communities, you can be certain that shame is systemic, money drives ethics, and accountability is dead. - Author: Brene Brown
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#15. An authentic spirituality does not cater to culture; it calls culture to accountability. - Author: Joan D. Chittister
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#16. I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better. - Author: Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
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#17. If you are building a culture where honest expectations are communicated and peer accountability is the norm, then the group will address poor performance and attitudes. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#18. I've learned that my readings of others' work often has little connection to their intentions. This doesn't mean that my response is wrong, and it doesn't make the author's views less right. Poets, like their poems, are "hopeful monsters". - Author: Alice Fulton
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