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#1. In my opinion, all boyfriends should turn out to be secretly wealthy. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#2. Sometimes what works 40 years ago doesn't work today. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#3. You never die from a snake bite, you can't be unbitten it's in the way, what continues to pour through you long after the bite has taken place. - Author: Bob Proctor
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#4. It's funny how we judge others and don't realize the extent of our disdain until they are no longer there, until they are taken from us. They're taken from us because they've never been ours ... - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#5. Why do I continue making movies? Making movies is better than cleaning toilets. - Author: Klaus Kinski
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#6. If you have hooked legs, wear big decolte. - Author: Christian Dior
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#7. Too many times, adults walk into situations, and people have already put them in a box: 'Oh, you write comedy.' Or, 'You're the development woman.' And it's not just our profession. It's hard to look at someone and say, 'What else is inside?' - Author: Anne Sweeney
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#8. Successful salesman: someone who has found a cure for the common cold shoulder. - Author: Robert Orben
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#9. Sin is rebellion against God. - Author: Billy Graham
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#10. Look ... to go through life and call it yours - your life - you first have to get your own pain. Pain that's unique to you. You can't just dip into the common bin and say 'That's enough!' ... - Author: Peter Shaffer
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#11. I, his mistress, mad with grief, shall follow him ... I shall share his glory. You speak of widowhood and deny me the white gown - the mourning of queens. - Author: Jean Genet
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#12. Is demum miser est, cuius nobilitas miserias nobilitat. Unhappy is he whose fame makes his misfortunes famous. Lucius Accius, Telephus - Author: Robert Galbraith
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