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#1. Present effects are due to karmic causes from the past. However, future effects arise from the causes we make in the present. It is always the present that counts. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
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#2. Without language, they have no lies. Thus they have no future. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#3. You have the ability to change or create anything in your life, starting now. - Author: Hal Elrod
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#4. Anonymity is a wonderful thing if you can hang on to it. I live in Pasadena where we try to keep the movie people out. We discourage them from moving in our neighborhood and if they do we burn effigies on their lawns. - Author: Joe Johnston
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#5. I realised something important: whatever is on the outside can be taken away at any time. Only what is inside you is safe. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#6. I had no clue; you can achieve all that, with one hug. But hey, I am Kay Kay! The first super hero koala bear and I give the best hugs! - Author: Talia
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#7. I was not so insane as to attempt to bend events to conform to my policies. On the contrary, I bent my policies to accord with the unforeseen shape of the events. - Author: William Duggan
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#8. I do a cover of a Velvet Underground song, and they were one of the most important bands, for me. - Author: Martin Gore
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#9. Being an actor is the loneliest thing in the world. You are all alone with your concentration and imagination, and that's all you have. - Author: James Dean
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#10. The majority of Americans, the ones who never elected George W. Bush, are not fooled by his weapons of mass distraction. - Author: Michael Moore
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#11. I'm too old to be ignorant as I am."
--Twelve-year-old Gabriella to the general, who does not want her to know about Emmett Till and the world's brutality. - Author: Elle Thornton
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#12. Sometimes I didn't think the world was worth it.
Sometimes I didn't think I was worth it either. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#13. Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity. - Author: Timothy Leary
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