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Top 19 Crow Bird Quotes

#1. If you are humble, you will always learn the most from whatever you perceive to be less powerful than you. It doesn't matter what or who it is:

Bryant McGill

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#2. Though wild turkeys may not be the PhDs of the bird world----that distinction goes to the common crow----they do have the capability to learn and remember important survival information from their environment and from those of their own kind.

Gary W. Griffen

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#3. I ain't never seen a creature like that before, she says. He's so smart, he's-
More, like a person than a bird? I says.
Yeah, she says. That's it.
Whatever you do, I says, don't tell him that. I'll never hear the end of it.

Moira Young

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#4. I do not know why I shot the bird. At the moment I squeezed the trigger it seemed that the only two things in the world were the crow and myself. And now there is just me.

Scott Frost

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#5. My father was a vulture. My mother was a magpie. My oldest brother is a crow. My sister, a sparrow. I have never really been a bird."
Lila resisted the urge to say he might have been a peacock. It didn't seem the time.

V.E Schwab

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#6. The sense of impending disaster hung over the garden like a chandelier.

Antal Szerb

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#7. Sometimes a crow lands on the roof of the house. It sits there for hours and watches the girl. The woman doesn't chase the bird away.

Cornelia Funke

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#8. At the bottom of every dilemma, he says, is fear, and the brain always prefers the bird in the hand to venturing into the bush, even if you are clutching a scrawny black crow.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty

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#9. Once in a while, God sends a good white person my way, even to this day. I think it's God's way of keeping me from becoming too mean. And when he sends a nice one to me, then I have to eat crow. And honey, crow is a tough old bird to eat, let me tell you.

Annie Elizabeth Delany

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#10. It was Autumn, and incessant Piped the quails from shocks and sheaves, And, like living coals, the apples Burned among the withering leaves.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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#11. The American crow is at an all-time low of 82 birds. Others hit by the West Nile, like the black-capped chickadee, have rebounded.

Jeff Chapman

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#12. We didn't have to talk, and it wasn't awkward. We were just two lonely, out of place people sharing a holiday with junk food from the vending machine and a Claymation classic on the television." oh and later "I guess its a good thing we found each other then.

J.M. Richards Tall Dark Streak Of Lightning

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#13. The black crow thinketh her own birds white.

Gavin Douglas

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#14. He hears men's voices, shouts, so evil and grim he hears their names: Tin Tin, Fun Boy, T-Bird, Top Dollar and Tom Tom. The sounds sink into his heart like ice and brun in his head with a heat so intense it glows white.

James O'Barr

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#15. My whole life is reading tabloid magazines. It's really sad, because that's what my show is all about - what is going on with celebrities. So I have to know everything.

Chelsea Handler

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#16. If you want someone to help you heal then you don't go to the enemy; you go to the one person that fears a bad reputation if they don't help you.

Shannon L. Alder

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#17. Whoever designed this city built it to complement the setting sun as perfectly as the stars complement the night.

Sara Raasch

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#18. I would not put my little bird in the jaws of a trap without being near enough to make sure it wouldn't close on her.

Lili St. Crow

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#19. Don't the wounded bird still sing?

Sheryl Crow

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