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Top 11 Creepiest Funny Quotes

#1. Basically, if you're not a utopianist, you're a schmuck. - Author: Jonathan Feldman
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#2. My dad always said that 90 percent of marital problems could be solved by getting your blood sugar up, and he's right! So I would say pick a partner who's forgiving when you have low blood sugar and threaten to drive your car through your shared home. - Author: Casey Wilson
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#3. Just so you know, I get incredibly bored quite easily and you will be forced to be my source of entertainment. You'll kind of be like my own personal jester."
I flipped him off.
"Well that wasn't funny at all. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#4. Sometimes the best way to find what you really desire in life is to stop looking for it. - Author: T.R. Wallace
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#5. I know victims of domestic abuse. I know what it takes for people to get out, and I also know why people stay. It's heartbreaking. - Author: Paddy Considine
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#6. The rivers flow long distances and their goodness spreads all over far and wide. We are far from each other but our love for each other is creating a story that will forever be remembered. - Author: Daran Norris
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#7. The facts shouldn't get in the way of a pleasant fantasy. - Author: Joseph E. Stiglitz
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#8. Tyranny and fantasy both like to write everyone else's lines. - Author: James Richardson
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#9. Sometimes I talk about baseball just to annoy people who don't understand it. - Author: Tad Williams
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#10. The only good thing, is that the cold wakes her up and she doesn't have to struggle to stay conscious. The bad thing, is that the numbness is fading away now, and her whole body is racked with pain. - Author: Amy Lunderman
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#11. Hope is our lives train fuel - Author: Hisham Fawzi
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