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#1. You spend five months filming in outer space and saving the world, and suddenly that kind of family unit and story disappears, and you come crashing back down to Earth, and you have to do your own washing ... and most actors are insecure that the last job they did will be their last job ever.

Sam Worthington

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#2. Learn to eat problems for breakfast

Alfred Armand Montapert

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#3. We speak naturally but spend all our lives trying to write naturally.

Margaret Wise Brown

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#4. Looking long term, a stronger, wealthier, and more stable Central America next door benefits the United States' own safety, security, and economy.

James T. Walsh

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#5. Devyn opened the channel to let Sway and Vik know what was coming. "Batten down. It's going to be a rough landing." Sway buzzed him back. "Dev, are you trying to say we're about to crash?" "Yeah, we're crashing." Sway had one last surly comeback to that. "Asshole." Shaking

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#6. We've flown the president since Eisenhower, and we're going to continue to fly the president for generations to come. This is something we're very proud of.

Louis R. Chenevert

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#7. What you notice is the loneliness. Daniel started to isolate himself, because it hurt less than being pushed away.

Jodi Picoult

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#8. Arise, slay thy enemies, enjoy a prosperous kingdom,

Bhagavad Gita

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#9. Isabel!'
The second time James called her name, realization came crashing down around her. She became acutely aware of their location, their situation, their *actions*, and she was overcome with an intense desire to escape back out the window to the roof. And to live there. For some time.

Sarah MacLean

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#10. Aww, the sound of waves crashing along the ocean side and spraying back up to touch the wind only for a moment, then to fall back down becoming the ocean once more...

Melanie Kilsby

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#11. People should be free to find or make for themselves the kinds of educational experience they want their children to have.

John Holt

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