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Top 17 Cracking Ice Quotes

#1. He begged Angie but the words were cut short by the strap and the dial turning up again and the sound in the air like cracking ice and shredding paper and static. - Author: V.E Schwab
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#2. If others had not been foolish, we should be so. - Author: William Blake
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#3. His voice was like the cracking of ice on a winter lake, and the words were mocking - Author: George R R Martin
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#4. Awakened at midnight
by the sound of the water jar
cracking from the ice - Author: Matsuo Basho
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#5. I don't regard myself as a cracking good climber. I'm just strong in the back. I have a lot of enthusiasm, and I'm good on ice. - Author: Edmund Hillary
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#6. Numbers have a way of taking a man by the hand and leading him down the path of reason. - Author: Pythagoras
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#7. I've always been a dreamer, have always believed
in the power of love and art and loud, life-affirming rock and roll, but, for the first time,
I'm starting to have doubts. Can a dream even exist in reality? Or does it turn to stone
the second it leaves your mind? - Author: Pete Wentz
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#8. There is a silence so great that I can hear the ice crystals cracking and falling from eyelashes of girls who will never blink again. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#9. Look forward, not back," the Hag said. "All is change. Do not regret. Instead, learn. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#10. Now that spring is no longer to be recognised in blossoms or in new leaves on trees, I must look for it in myself. I feel the ice of myself cracking. I feel myself loosen and flow again, reflecting the world. That is what spring means. - Author: David Malouf
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#11. Cracking the Ice scores the literary equivalent of a hat-trick: funny, harrowing and finally, heartfelt. This book is a winner. - Author: Gregory Neri
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#12. Every guitarist has a special quality of sound. The best ones will use a good ear, much sensitivity and a thorough knowledge of music to prepare the nuances and colors of sound. - Author: Andres Segovia
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#13. But in deede, A friend is never knowne till a man have neede. - Author: John Heywood
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#14. Sometimes when you let go of what you want so much, what you want comes looking for you. - Author: Danielle Barone
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#15. My girlfriend is a great support, and I've got a big circle of mates who keep my feet on the ground. - Author: Rob James-Collier
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#16. The water is DEEP AND DARK AND DANGEROUS - Author: Mary Downing Hahn
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#17. Oh, great reviews are the worst. They mislead you more than the bad ones, because they only fuel your ego. Then you only want another one, like potato chips or something, and the best thing you get is fat and bloated. I'd rather just refuse, thanks. - Author: Chazz Palminteri
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