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#1. The pipeline would run from Canada to the Gulf Coast. It'll be the biggest underground structure leading into the U.S. Then people in Mexico said, 'Eh ... second biggest.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#2. A nice thing about being 40 is that you're not a kid about your understanding of sex or sexuality anymore. - Author: Guy Branum
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#3. A church that does not provoke any crisis, preach a gospel that does not unsettle, proclaim a word of God
that does not get under anyone's skin or a word of God that does not touch the real sin of the society in which
it is being proclaimed: what kind of gospel is that? - Author: Oscar A. Romero
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#4. Anyway, God is not susceptible to proofs and disproofs. If you believe, the evidence is all around you. If you don't believe, no evidence can be enough. - Author: Andrew Klavan
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#5. I do not say the mind gets informed by action, - bodily action; but it does get earnestness and strength by it, and that nameless something that gives a man the mastership of his faculties. - Author: William Mountford
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#6. Dad always said the best way to keep the mind healthy is to make sure the body is strong. - Author: Joelle Charbonneau
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#7. May you live to see the green grass growing over your grave. - Author: Frank Richard Stockton
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#8. You have to have something bigger than you. You have to have a goal that is greater than you. - Author: Robert Herjavec
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#9. Linda Svendsen's 'Marine Life' was important. I was nearly 22. Larry Mathews discussed the book in a creative writing class. We examined her stories, figured out how they worked. - Author: Michael Winter
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#10. If God lights the candle, none can blow it out. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#11. Maybe its not a person we fall in love with so much as a distance, a depth , which that particular person happens to embody. - Author: Gustaf Sobin
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#12. A tragedy, when a mature mind and a romantic heart are in the same body. - Author: Nizar Qabbani
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#13. The world has nothing to fear from military ambition in our Government. - Author: James K. Polk
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#14. I'm nocturnal when it comes to recording - I'm just more creative at night. - Author: Big Boi
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#15. We've always had a pretty competitive and pretty ferocious battle with British Airways ... It's lasted now about 14 years, and we're very pleased to have survived it. - Author: Richard Branson
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