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#1. A man's state before God may always be measured by his prayers. - Author: J.C. Ryle
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#2. When a nation is filled with strife, then do patriots flourish. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#3. When we are misunderstood it is always our own fault. What the reader wants most of all is to be able to grasp what we think; but you loftily refuse to comply. - Author: George Sand
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#4. The style is the man himself - Author: Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon
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#5. Great minds seek wisdom.
Average minds seek entertainment.
Small minds seek trouble. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#6. The throat chakra is the center that is aesthetic. It gives an appreciation of beauty. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#7. Innocent people's lives were ruined, where there are necessarily lots of idiots. - Author: Mehmet Kececi
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#8. Men are like that sometimes - if they meet someone and fall in love, it's real, no matter how fast it happened. But if someone falls for a woman they happen to care about, all they do is question the man's intentions. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#9. I have a lot of friends and fans in Canada and as a matter of fact I met a fan from there that came down to my office. It was nice and we took pictures and had a nice talk. - Author: Larry Holmes
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#10. Women notice details that most men don't. They notice if your belt and shoes match. They notice what kinds of foods you like to eat. They notice all the details, then make assumptions about every other area of your life based on these details. - Author: Eben Pagan
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#11. Until the sky is the limit [for women], as it is for men, men as well as women will suffer, because all society is affected when half of it is denied equal opportunity for full development. - Author: Mary Barnett Gilson
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#12. The sun was in mind to come out but having a look at the weather it was in lost heart and went back again. - Author: Brendan Behan
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#13. Quickly ducking, I fall to the ground while taking grip on the table. Hearing the axe get stuck into the wall on the other side, I slyly crane my neck to see what he was going to do next. - Author: Ashley Ehlers
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#14. Don't let what other people think decide who you are. - Author: Dennis Rodman
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