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#1. Charisma often flows from total self-confidence. - Author: Peter Heather
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#2. I have glaucoma, so use eye drops both morning and night. - Author: Malcolm Boyd
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#3. The girl was a walking garden. Flowers and vines had sprouted from within her very flesh, and were looped through hundreds of buttonholes and slits made in - Author: Lia Habel
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#4. I saw a picture of Elvis in blue lame, and thought that if I could recreate that suit and walk down the King's Road in it, someone might pick me up and take me off on a crazy adventure. - Author: Malcolm McLaren
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#5. Peace of counscious is greater than peace of mind. Peace of mind is more externally oriented. Peace of consciousness is when you know you have been honest in all your business dealings. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#6. I photograph what I do not wish to paint, and I paint what I do not wish to photograph - Author: Man Ray
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#7. Mission starts with determining what you really care about and want to accomplish and committing yourself to it. You can always develop expertise. First, discover your preference. - Author: Charles Garfield
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#8. Rory, Rory, Rory - was it your idea to get The Sea to cure me?' [said the Doctor.]
'Yes,' said Rory, smiling.
'That was brilliant.' The Doctor beamed, then his face fell. '-ly awful. - Author: James Goss
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#9. The bad man is the man who no matter how good he has been is beginning to deteriorate, to grow less good. The good man is the man who no matter how morally unworthy he has been is moving to become better. Such a conception makes one severe in judging himself and humane in judging others. - Author: John Dewey
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#10. Grownups don't know how to believe - Author: Frances Griffiths
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#11. They talk about those All-Star Games being exhibition affairs, and maybe they are, but I've seen very few players in my life who didn't want to win, no matter whom they were playing or what for. - Author: Carl Hubbell
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#12. Vibration is the core of the spirit. It is the breath of life. - Author: Suzy Kassem
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