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#1. The faerie represent the beauty we don't see, or even choose to ignore. That's why I'll paint them in junkyards, or fluttering around a sleeping wino. No place or person is immune to spirit. Look hard enough, and everything has a story. Everybody is important.- Jilly Coppercorn

Charles De Lint

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#2. You wouldn't have to wash, said Brian, whose parents forced him to wash a great deal more than he thought could possibly be healthy. Not that it did any good. There was something basically ground in about Brian.

Neil Gaiman

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#3. The gospel assures you that your value is not dependent on your looks or material possessions.

Elaine L. Jack

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#4. Sometimes I wonder if I got lulled into not wanting things because I grew up black in this country.

Kevin Eubanks

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#5. Cynicism and foul language are the only vices I'm presently capable of. Everything else takes energy or money. (64)

Mary Doria Russell

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#6. All I know is that the six months when I recorded this music was the most productive time of my life, and I'll always remember it as the first time in my life that I ever felt like I was one with my dreams.

John Frusciante

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#7. Pain is the touchstone of all growth

Bill W.

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#8. Leadership always benefits the greater good.

Mark Sanborn

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