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#1. The celebrated painter Gainsborough got as much pleasure from seeing violins as from hearing them. - Author: Georg C. Lichtenberg
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#2. We all know that, unfortunately, the media does not always portray the good things that are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this will be a great opportunity for us to glean some information from the Iraqi women who are here for us to also take back to our constituents. - Author: Ginny Brown-Waite
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#3. You're like the girl who left her shadow in the drawer, but when she went to get it, it wasn't there. - Author: Wayne Shorter
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#4. I was always pretty good at designing things. - Author: Yves Rossy
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#5. Life is a difficult matter, and the more a simple man may learn of what greater men have thought, and taught, have spoken and have written, the better can he cope with any sort of life. - Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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#6. What you need to learn how to do is analyze situations and do differential diagnoses and understand the principle and the concepts rather than learn all the details, and medical school doesn't begin to do that. - Author: Leroy Hood
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#7. I never experiment with anything in my books. Experimentation means you don't know what you're doing. - Author: Paul Auster
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#8. The dirt was OK, but once you hit the grass ... Wet grass is slippery. - Author: Greg Maddux
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#9. The brain is the only kind of object capable of understanding that the cosmos is even there, or why there are infinitely many prime numbers, or that apples fall because of the curvature of space-time, or that obeying its own inborn instincts can be morally wrong, or that it itself exists. - Author: David Deutsch
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#10. Given the conflicting messages we receive about what it takes to be "good enough," it's not surprising that Christians are as plagued by depression and anxiety as the general population. - Author: Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
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#11. Put on your adidas and step off. - Author: Ed O.G.
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#12. Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there."---The Princess of Intuition - Author: Virginia Burden
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#13. But we all have to acknowledge that our way is not the way. - Author: Shonda Rhimes
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#14. Who do you love?
It's a question anyone should be able to answer. A question that defines a life, creates a future, guides most minutes of one's days. Simple, elegant encompassing.
Who do you love? - Author: Lisa Gardner
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#15. England gave me a language and literature, the basis of what I am as a writer, but when I started writing more directly about my own experience, it wasn't England so much as what went before. - Author: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
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