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#1. We'll surely stop the work of all western Christian and eastern religions, and also Islam. - Author: Vladimir Zhirinovsky
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#2. Write the truest sentence you know. Then write another."
Hemingway's advice to other young writers in "A Moveable Feast. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#3. Beer, well respected and rightly consumed, can be a gift of God. It is one of his mysteries, which it was his delight to conceal and the glory of kings to search out. And men enjoy it to mark their days and celebrate their moments and stand with their brothers in the face of what life brings. - Author: Stephen Mansfield
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#4. According to esoteric teachings power flows with thought and what we think about is what we actually value with our personal power. When you value matter more than spirit, you lose touch with your higher power, it's as simple as that. - Author: Shaeri Richards
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#5. You don't ever have to teach a kid to do wrong. You have to teach them to do right. - Author: Johnny Hunt
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#6. The neuroscience area - which is absolutely in its infancy - is much more important than genetics. - Author: Leon Kass
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#7. If you want to succeed, get some enemies. - Author: Thomas Edison
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#8. This was not uncommon in government-run operations, where a request that someone do their job often induced a catatonic state that might last anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour. - Author: Matthew Polly
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#9. I didn't have a very religious family. - Author: Barbara Walters
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#10. True, but irrelevant. - Author: Barbara M. White
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#11. Do you want to be an artist so that the whole world will look at you, or do you want to be an artist because you would like to use your ability to attract attention, to have the world see itself through you differently? - Author: Anna Deavere Smith
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#12. Do not turn yourself from an end into a means-one does not justify the other. - Author: Lord Acton
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#13. A genuine desire to be ONE enhances our lives with peace and power. - Author: Hugh W. Pinnock
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