Top 25 Convivial Quotes

#1. Home-made bread rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with olive oil, shared-with a flask of wine-between working people, can be more convivial than any feast.

Patience Gray

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#2. I didn't like filtering the story through me, saying, 'Reader, you'll be safe with me. While it gets a little dangerous, it'll be okay because, after all, you're with me, because I'm a warm convivial voice. But let's be entertained by this horrible stuff.' I didn't like that.

Michael Winter

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#3. One does not leave a convivial party before closing time.

Winston Churchill

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#4. It is a curious truth that many cats enjoy warmer, more convivial, even affectionate relationships with humans than they could ever do with fellow felines.

Bruce Fogle

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#5. Walter Cronkite was a personally decent and convivial man, who literally couldn't kill a fly, was kind to his children, generally helpful to juniors, authentically curious about the news, and, in his time, an energetic reporter.

Conrad Black

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#6. This is not mere sentimentality. The triumph of twentieth-century metropolitan life is, in a real sense, the triumph of one image over the other: the dark ritual of deadly epidemics replaced by the convivial exchanges of strangers from different backgrounds sharing ideas on the sidewalk.

Steven Johnson

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#7. Even on that convivial evening I could feel my host emanating little magnetic waves of social uneasiness, creating, rather, a pool of general embarrassment about himself in which he floated with log-like calm.

Evelyn Waugh

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#8. But the intimacy, the smallness, also made me feel shut out; and I found myself hurrying past the inviting little doorways with my head down, very aware of all the convivial Sunday-morning lives unrolling around me in private.

Donna Tartt

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#9. Abortion ... was probably regarded by the average Roman of the later days of Paganism much as Englishmen in the last century regarded convivial excesses, as certainly wrong, but so venial as scarcely to deserve censure.

William Edward Hartpole Lecky

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#10. In larger things we are convivial; what causes trouble is the trivial.

Richard Armour

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#11. When you're younger, you go out and you're convivial because you have to be. But once you don't have to meet people anymore, what's your motivation in going out?

Jim Shaw

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#12. Remember this your lifetime through:
Tomorrow there will be more to do.
And failure waits for all who stay
With some success made yesterday.
Tomorrow you must try once more,
And even harder than before.

John Wooden

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#13. When I was growing up, rock & roll helped give me my sense of identity, but I had to search for it.

Trent Reznor

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#14. We need to cultivate hearts that are ready to change, ready to be mounded and shaped by the loving hands of God as we offer ourselves wholeheartedly in worship.

Stuart Townend

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#15. The faculty for remembering is not diminished in proportion to what one has learnt, just as little as the number of moulds in which you cast sand lessens its capacity for being cast in new moulds.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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#16. If you decide to stop flying, it is wise to hang on to your wings, for you may need them one day, when one of your other qualities turns dangerous.

Amy Leach

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#17. One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible.

Genghis Khan

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#18. To be a satirist, at all events. The venom of Pope is what is needed. The sense of delight
the expansion and the compassion of Shakespeare is no good at all for that. He is a bad comic.

Wyndham Lewis

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#19. I think my great book is Born to Sing: An Interpretation and World Survey of Bird Song .

Charles Hartshorne

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#20. The great chasm between the thing I say, & the thing I would say, wd be quite dispiriting to me, in spite even of such kindnesses as yours, if the desire did not master the despondency.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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#21. We don't communicate in full sentences anyway. We don't need all those words.

Shepard Smith

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#22. Time is inextricably tangled up with place, and can be measured only against place. Time has meaning only in relation to its position in space, the movement of a planet about a sun, of a night through stars.

Madeleine L'Engle

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#23. Smash the table, why don't you? Kick things about. It's ever so nice to see you embrace the true spirit of the Fraternitus.

Franny Billingsley

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#24. In most circles, the idea of economic planning has been in disrepute most of the time and, particularly in America, has almost carried connotations of intellectual and moral perversion and even political subversion.

Gunnar Myrdal

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#25. I'm sorry, Mother. It's just that five days of flying with these characters has made me crawl right to the edge of sanity.' 'I fell over the edge.' Karen said. 'I jumped,' Walter added, 'And I can't seem to climb back up.

Bryan Davis

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