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Top 9 Convinction Quotes

#1. There is such a thing as food and such a thing as poison. But the damage done by those who pass off poison as food is far less than that done by those who generation after generation convince people that food is poison. - Author: Paul Goodman
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#2. We must not hate humanity, or despise humanity, or refuse to help humanity; but we must not trust humanity; in the sense of trusting a trend in human nature which cannot turn back to bad things. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#3. I believe that all students, when asked to be accountable for their actions and to be socially aware citizens, will become agents for change! - Author: Erin Gruwell
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#4. For those whose faith has faded, the reasons may be real to them, but these reasons do not change the reality of what Joseph Smith restored. - Author: James E. Faust
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#5. I don't see the risk, I enjoy performing stunts, and I don't get scared. - Author: Ajay Devgan
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#6. I worship pianos like they are prize diamonds, and I never willfully do damage to them. But I grew up playing guitars, and you treat a guitar like a best friend or a little brother or a lover you have a tempestuous relationship with. - Author: Jamie Cullum
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#7. Unfortunately, it happens all too seldom that you really disappear behind a work, that you are no longer audible as an interpreter. - Author: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
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#8. Leadership is influence. To the extent we influence others, we lead them. - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
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#9. O, to be sure, we laugh less and play less and wear uncomfortable disguises like adults, but beneath the costume is the child we always are, whose needs are simple, whose daily life is still best described by fairy tales. - Author: Leo Rosten
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