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#1. The paradox of worship is this: we perform these acts of worship, but they are not actually for us. We do these things for God, and then we are the ones who are changed. - Author: Robert Benson
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#2. The night before I left Las Vegas I walked out in the desert to look at the moon. There was a jeweled city on the horizon, spires rising in the night, but the jewels were diadems of electric and the spires were the neon of signs ten stories high. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#3. Wealth is not often a byproduct of hard work or superior intelligence, but often wealth is a byproduct of a purpose oriented abundant mentality. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#4. No person is just one person. Everyone is a crate of fruits, a crate of mixed fruits. The apple in there may have worms, a peach may be mildewed, a banana may be too green, a pear may be in perfect ripeness, and a melon may have the sweetest smell. - Author: Victor Robert Lee
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#5. Fathers and mothers," she found herself saying, "leave their mark, no matter if we've known them a lifetime or only a day. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#6. You will obtain a vision of matter that is perhaps fatiguing for your imagination, but pure and stripped of what the requirements of life make you add to it in external perception. - Author: Henri Bergson
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#7. Actually, attorneys say, copying a purchased CD for even one friend violates the federal copyright code most of the time. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#8. Stop giving meaningless praise and start giving meaningful action. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#9. Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling. - Author: Shane Warne
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#10. Blessed Stars, please make this world into a place where we will never again be forced to kill an enemy whom we cannot hate. Were such a thing to come about, I would not complain even if my body were torn to pieces, again and again. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
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#11. Think of how much better the world would be if people craved compliments about the beauty of their heart rather than the beauty of their face. The - Author: Penny Reid
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#12. If you can help other people understand those truths - and in my mind, the only way I know to do that is with large scale, multi-year research projects, where you start with a question and then very rigorously and comprehensively answer that question. - Author: James Collins
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#13. Life never delivers more than you can endure. Life has the sickest sense of humour. Sometimes - Author: Pepper Winters
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#14. The music that I chose during my life, it wasn't arbitrary. It was all in my family home when I was growing up. I never tried to record anything I hadn't heard before the age of 10. Otherwise, I couldn't do it authentically. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
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