Top 10 Consumptives Quotes

#1. The leaves of these [larch] trees are like those of the pine; timber from them comes in long lengths, is as easily wrought in joiner's work as is the clearwood of fir, and contains a liquid resin, of the color of Attic honey, which is good for consumptives .

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio

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#2. If we could only live on good food like that, he said to her somewhat loudly, we wouldn't have the country full of rotten teeth and rotten guts. Living in a bogswamp, eating cheap food and the streets paved with dust, horsedung and consumptives' spits.

James Joyce

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#3. Telling the truth ... is not solely a matter of moral character; it is also a matter of correct appreciation of real situations and of serious reflection upon them.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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#4. He thought incessantly, for he could not do otherwise; but he no longer took pleasure in his thoughts. To everything that they proposed to him in a whisper, he replied in his darkness: What is the use?

Victor Hugo

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#5. There is indeed a strange prejudice against Quotation.

James Boswell

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#6. Manic depression is a frustratin' mess.

Jimi Hendrix

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#7. I was desperately unhappy trying to adjust to the world.

Al Purdy

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#8. I had, of course, no model for that sort of woman being married, but I can make that up as I go along.

Elizabeth Moon

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#9. We have to remember that we are not just giving students feedback; we are also teaching them to provide it.

Peter H. Johnston

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#10. Somebody told me I'm a writer. I believed them. Now I regret it.

Stefanos Livos

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