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#1. Shit, money, and the World, the three American truths, powering the American mobility, claimed the Slothrops, clasped them for good to the country's fate. But they did not prosper ... about all they did was persist - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#2. In order to have different things we must become someone different. - Author: Matthew Donnelly
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#3. And yes, she had a laminated list of her top ten sexiest men who she apparently would always be allowed to sleep with even if she was married. - Author: Natasha Boyd
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#4. I don't need the money, dear. I work for art. - Author: Maria Callas
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#5. We all push sometimes, just to make sure someone is on the other side, pushing back. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
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#6. I was halfway up the stairs when the doorbell rang. "Dash it all!" I said. There was nothing I hated more than being interrupted when I was about to do something gratifying with chemicals. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#7. Taxation is nothing but organized robbery, and there the subject should be dropped. - Author: Frank Chodorov
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#8. Many useful and valuable books lie buried in shops and libraries, unknown and unexamined, unless some lucky compiler opens them by chance, and finds an easy spoil of wit and learning. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#9. I love living in L.A. It's quieter. It's much more relaxing. I'm living in a house for the first time ever. I have a backyard for the first time ever; a dog for the first time ever. So it's a lot of firsts, and I love it so much. It's just so different. It's a nice change of pace. - Author: Sarah Hyland
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#10. The grape gains its purple tinge by looking at another grape.
[Lat., Uvaque conspecta livorem ducit ab uva.] - Author: Juvenal
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#11. What nerds miss is that it takes hard work to make sales look easy. - Author: Peter Thiel
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#12. I am a fairly optimistic person ... If everything that I'm involved in now suddenly fell away, I know I would cope because I've coped before. - Author: Maggie Tabberer
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#13. Obedience is a penance of reason, and, on that account, a sacrifice more acceptable than all corporal penances and mortifications. - Author: John Of The Cross
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