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#1. If you continue to entertain "boys", don't be upset when you can't find a "man". - Author: Stephan Labossiere
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#2. A rebuke to Cong. How could it be otherwise in a body to which the people send 150 lawyers whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing & talk by the hour. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#3. Crime growth cause in USA? TV ... Monkey see - monkey do. - Author: Michelee Morgan Cabot
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#4. You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first. - Author: Ho Chi Minh
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#5. I agree with Pres. Barack Obama, Iraqis need a political solution. No war in Iraq! - Author: Barbara Lee
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#6. The alchemical steps to attract success are always the same, although manifested differently in each person. - Author: Daniel Marques
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#7. I got nothing against no Viet Cong. No Vietnamese ever called me a <>. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#8. Cong and VC sympathizers used to warn of American presence in the area. For example, they'd place - Author: Harold Constance
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#9. Throughout his life, General Wesley Clark has stood up to some tough opponents. He battled the Viet Cong, and went toe-to-toe with Slobodan Milosevic. But today the retired four-star general capitulated to the fiercest enemy he's ever confronted: the American voter. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#10. We moved in to help the Vietnamese defend their country and confront the Viet Cong. - Author: William Westmoreland
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#11. The only sense that is common in the long run, is the sense of change and we all instinctively avoid it. - Author: E.B. White
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#12. I was watching the Superbowl with my 92 year old grandfather. The team scored a touchdown. They showed the instant replay. He thought they scored another one. I was gonna tell him, but I figured the game HE was watching was better. - Author: Steven Wright
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#13. Ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those little bastards [the Viet Cong] straight to Hell. Amen. - Author: Hal Moore
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#14. I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong, - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#15. Post-Traumatic Stress Injury isn't a disease. It's a wound to the soul that never heals. - Author: Tom Glenn
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#16. We had much more imagery from Vietnam war. The media was not controlled. The storyline, the master narrative was not controlled. I thin it was some those images really radicalized people and shifted things to some extent. And the Viet Cong also, their tenacity. - Author: Anne Waldman
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#17. My idea was that the role of the special forces were to train Vietnamese to behave as guerrillas, harassing the supply lines down through the mountains of the, ah, the Viet Cong. And the special American special forces were to train their special forces to do that. - Author: Roger Hilsman
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#18. Anyone can be bored or unfulfilled at virtually any job. How one chooses to respond to boredom is key. Most women are resourceful: when faced with boredom, they find a way out. That's an essential skill. Those who don't have it will suffer, to be sure, but that is not society's problem. - Author: Suzanne Venker
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#19. If wars create vast sums of money for the global elite, is it possible the Soviets, the Viet Cong and Muslim extremists were, or are, also fabricated enemies of the West along with North Korea? Or at least exaggerated threats? - Author: James Morcan
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#20. Change is a road less traveled, but a remarkable journey to take. - Author: Dr. Milan LaBrey
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#21. God is punishing America for the way they have persecuted us at Westboro Baptist Church, and worse and more of is coming and this evil sodomite nation is doomed. - Author: Fred Phelps
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#22. The general killed the Viet Cong; I killed the general with my camera, - Author: Eddie Adams
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#23. Hillary Clinton will travel to Vietnam with the president this Friday. It's a fact that at the height of the war in 1971, she tried to enlist in the Marines, but they turned her down. Apparently we weren't that mad at the Viet Cong. - Author: Argus Hamilton
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#24. It became very clear that Hanoi was in effect strategically running the Viet Cong operation. - Author: William Westmoreland
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#25. Building a great company that can build great products over and over and over is the hardest of all. - Author: Anonymous
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#26. I got booted out third, but to me [Last Comic Standing] was a lot like Rambo II ... I don't really remember much ... there was rats, people bombing, screaming, yelling, and a middle aged guy with a shaved chest got beat by somebody from the Viet Cong. - Author: Rob Cantrell
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