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Top 18 Condensed Milk Quotes

#1. Honey or condensed milk with your bread?" he was so excited that he said, "Both," and then, so as not to seem greedy, he added, "but don't bother about the bread, please. - Author: A.A. Milne
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#2. A silent tongue does not betray its owner - Author: Sheik Ahmed Hassoun
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#3. Hope makes the soul glad. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#4. Francie, Neeley, and mama had a very fine meal. Each had a thick slice of the "tongue," two pieces of sweet-smelling rye bread spread with unsalted butter, a sugar bun apiece and a mug of strong hot coffee with a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk on the side. - Author: Betty Smith
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#5. School has become the world religion of a modernized proletariat, and makes futile promises of salvation to the poor of the technological age. - Author: Ivan Illich
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#6. I'm still breathing because I have faith. My faith and my kids are the two things that matter. - Author: Kate Gosselin
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#7. Confucius, who was born in the sixth century B.C., traditionally had a stature in China akin to that of Socrates in the West. - Author: Evan Osnos
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#8. When I have diarrhea I sit backwards on the toilet, because I like to face my enemy before I destroy it. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#9. I love you, Jemmaline Girard. I always have and I always will. You are my future and my forever. You have already claimed the deepest part of my soul, femme de mon coeur. - Author: Katlyn Charlesworth
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#10. All my life I've had a weight problem. As a child, I loved to eat. I would hide from my mother and drink whole cans of condensed milk in my room. - Author: Maria Conchita Alonso
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#11. She laughs. "Except you, Lara Jean. You're still itty-bitty pocket-sized." She says it sweetly. Like sweetened condensed milk. Sweet and condescending. Poured on super thick. I - Author: Jenny Han
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#12. One does not have to be a priest to be a man! - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#13. I tried and failed. I tried again and again and succeeded.
[Epitaph from Gail Borden's gravestone.] - Author: Gail Borden
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#14. Everybody says it, and what everybody says must be true. - Author: James F. Cooper
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#15. Three bloody roles, Scrum has, and only three. If you can't get that right, don't call it Scrum, OK? - Author: Ron Jeffries
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#16. I say, when you tell the truth, you never offend nobody, particularly if you do it with dignity. - Author: Pat Cooper
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#17. Condensed milk is wonderful. I don't see how they can get a cow to sit down on those little cans. - Author: Fred Allen
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#18. Celebrity is a national drama whose characters' parts and plots are written by the tabloids, gossip columnists, websites and interactive buttons. The famous don't actually have to turn up to their own lives at all. - Author: A.A. Gill
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