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#1. The greatest enemies of success and happiness are negative emotions of all kinds. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#2. I dislike helplessness in other people and in myself, and this is by far my greatest fear of illness. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#3. Epitaphs for a gravestone: 'Please: no hooliganism'; or 'Es prohibe se hace agua aqui'; or 'No comment'. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#4. I think that markets classically fail in cases where there are public goods that provide benefits that people cannot capture. The big debate is how big these public goods are, where they exist, things of that sort. - Author: Peter Thiel
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#5. At XL we are continually focused on the rate of change, the increasingly interconnected world and the need to help our clients advance wherever their business occurs. - Author: Mike McGavick
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#6. Riley decided the man was physically a ten, but intellectually he was a certifiable fruit basket. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#7. There are different points of view about how to approach this experience of ultimate ecstasy, as some people describe it, or ultimate nirvana or ultimate fulfillment. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#8. I think what makes people fascinating is conflict, it's drama, it's the human condition. Nobody wants to watch perfection. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#9. God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender give you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine. - Author: Rajneesh
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#10. I'm the father of three daughters, and they're all highly trained professionals. Two of them are mothers, and the other one wants to be at some point. - Author: Tom Brokaw
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#11. He hesitated, as if wrestling with the desire to cross the space between us and kiss me until I admitted I was just a tiny bit in love with him too. But he didn't. He didn't. - Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
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