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Top 15 Computer Game Design Quotes

#1. It is no small pity, and should cause us no little shame, that, through our own fault, we do not understand ourselves, or know who we are. - Author: Teresa Of Avila
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#2. When you see around you the human form suffering or dissolving, you have empathy on the human level. You share the suffering because it has to do with the fleetingness of form. But if that is the only level that operates in you, you haven't gone beyond suffering. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#3. The scientific argument advanced for intelligent design at the Dover trial, those arguments collapsed, scientifically and intellectually. - Author: Kenneth R. Miller
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#4. It has been said that a pretty face is a passport. But it's not, it's a visa, and it runs out fast. - Author: Julie Burchill
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#5. The only person worth being in your life is a person that will never make you feel like you are worthless. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#6. Why would we ever be surprised when truth turns up in strange places? - Author: Rob Bell
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#7. Ideas are cheap. A dime a dozen, as they say. It's the implementation that's important! The trick isn't just to have a computer game idea, but to actually create it! - Author: Scott Adams
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#8. You're a pig." "No, wench, I am a randy pirate. You must be referring to the Piorcuma species. They are true swine." "I really think you should talk to your doctor about prescribing new meds. I don't think the ones you're taking are strong enough. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#9. Where else would I be? You need me? I'm there. It's you and me against the world now, right? - Author: Michelle A. Valentine
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#10. My earliest interest in game design came when I was in primary school, and my parents bought a Commodore 128 computer. I taught myself to write programs in BASIC, and then I made my own games. - Author: Brendan Myers
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#11. Society cannot continue to disable themselves through their need to categorize people or make assumptions as to another individual's abilities. - Author: Evelyn Glennie
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#12. The best way to clean up a son's room is to close the door and pretend it's not part of the house. - Author: Art Buchwald
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#13. I think being someone in love is so hard to define, so temporary, because retrospectively we often deny the state in which we were in love. - Author: Abbas Kiarostami
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#14. Let your fiction grow out of the land beneath your feet. - Author: Willa Cather
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#15. I certainly don't walk around my home or being with my family and just using profane language all the time, but on stage, it's a constant. - Author: Andrew Dice Clay
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