Top 13 Commendatory Quotes

#1. Dear Commendatory Roomers, you have no idea how many people-serious, decently behaved, cultivated people- go looking for the company of whores

Leonardo Sciascia

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#2. Public education grants secular worldviews an exclusive monopoly in the classroom.

Nancy Pearcey

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#3. God giving man life and taking it away is not nearly so bad as God taking away childhood and giving him life.

James Gunn

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#4. Being a rock & roll star has become as legitimate a career option as being an astronaut or a policeman or a fireman.

Trent Reznor

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#5. It is said in the desert that possession of water in great amount can inflict a man with fatal carelessness.

Frank Herbert

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#6. Il ne faut jamais rien outrer: One should never overdo

Leo Tolstoy

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#7. Always be happy, you never know how happy you can make another by just being happy.

Ogwo David Emenike

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#8. The fresh complexion of former days was gone. A mortal pallor covered those features, which he had known so charming and so gentle, and sorrow had furrowed them into pitiless lines and traced dark and unspeakably sad shadows under her eyes.

Gaston Leroux

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#9. You do not become outstanding by working on your weaknesses You become outstanding by focusing on your strenghts.

Gordana Biernat

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#10. Your reputation is that which people think you are; your character is that which you are.

Napoleon Hill

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#11. For those who share my view that the Jews as a people have a right to self-determination, Zionism as a national movement of the Jewish people is the embodiment of this very right, which its opponents want to deny.

Angela Merkel

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#12. All girls hit that phase where they like the bad boy. I grew out of that really young and I have a wonderful guy in my life who's not a bad boy at all. I like the satiric, consistent nice guy.

Kristen Bell

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#13. Bundy was correct in saying that most serial murderers are addicted to hardcore pornography. FBI records validate that point. Not every person exposed to obscenity will become a killer, of course, but too many will!

James C. Dobson

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