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#1. The Ethiopian cannot change his skin nor the leopard his spots.

Henry David Thoreau

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#2. I like a girl who laughs a lot. That's my main thing.

Cody Linley

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#3. When I was young, I didn't like going to school, but I loved my dad. He was my professor.

Martin Bouygues

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#4. I started slow, and eventually I started working out 4 to 5 days a week. We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all.

Khloe Kardashian

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#5. I'm pretty goofy, I'll do anything for a laugh.

Cody Linley

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#6. The more Nos I open myself up to hearing, the closer I am getting to my super successful life.

Malti Bhojwani

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#7. In the U.S., the 400 richest people have as much as 185 million people, over 60 percent of the population. As absurd as that is, on a global scale, the richest 85 people have as much as 3.5 billion people, half of humanity!

Russell Brand

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#8. By losing your goal, You have lost your way.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#9. My favorite room in the house is the living room. We have two big couches, six recliners and over 20 pillows. It's a really comfortable place to hang out with my family.

Cody Linley

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#10. Not having your man card for so long has clearly turned your brain to mush. ~Justin

Reese Monroe

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#11. I think all kids think their parents are strict. My parents aren't superstrict, but they seem to be stricter than most. But even though it's like, 'Oh, gosh, I've gotta be in at this time,' they know what they're doing. I have great parents.

Cody Linley

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#12. It's important to stand up for what you believe in.

Cody Linley

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#13. I always think that I'm still this 13-year old boy that doesn't really know how to be an adult, pretending to live my life, taking notes for when I'll really have to do it.

Richard Linklater

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#14. When I was filming 'The Haunting Hour', my co-stars Emily Osment, Brittany Curran and I paid a visit to a haunted house - all dressed up as vampires! We really confused the workers.

Cody Linley

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#15. I'd rather stub out cigarettes on my tongue than go shopping.

Neal Stephenson

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#16. Long ago Apollo called to Aristaeus, youngest of the shepherds, Saying, "I will make you keeper of my bees." Golden were the hives, and golden was the honey; golden, too, the music, Where the honey-makers hummed among the trees.

Henry Van Dyke

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