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#1. I think it's my interaction with journalists that has pegged me more as political than my actual records, although they have obviously political aspects to them as well. - Author: Serj Tankian
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#2. Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex. You know you're going to get it, but it's going to be rough. - Author: Adam Hills
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#3. The men were making too much noise, laughing, joking, to cover her terrible accusing silence below. She made the empty rooms roar with accusation and shake down a fine dust go guilt that was sucked in their nostrils as they plunged about. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#4. Songwriting is too mysterious and uncontrolled a process for me to direct it towards any one thing. - Author: James Taylor
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#5. We can drift along with general opinion and tradition, or we can throw ourselves upon the guidance of the soul within and steer courageously toward truth ... We have a choice in every event and every limitation and ... to choose is to create. - Author: Helen Keller
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#6. Listening (the first competence of leadership) is not a skill, it is a discipline. All you have to do is keep your mouth shut. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#7. Peabody, you never cease to amaze me."
"One day I'll tell you about my granny and her five lovers."
"Five lovers isn't abnormal for a woman's lifetime."
"Not in her lifetime; last month. All at the same time." Peabody glanced up, deadpan. "She's ninety-eight. I hope to take after her. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#8. Prayer in action is love, love in action is service. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#9. The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction in life. - Author: Sigmund Freud
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#10. Sunshine can burn you, food can poison you, words can condemn you, pictures can insult you; music cannot punish - only bless. - Author: Artur Schnabel
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#11. The future has to be lived before it can be written about. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
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#12. It's not a lie. It's a gift for fiction. - Author: David Mamet
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#13. So such is life that it writes itself, trying to right itself, but there's nothing wrong with it. - Author: Robert Pollard
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#14. It's the same with visual arts, you have some really cool, wonderful striking images that make you think and then again you have wonderful striking images that just take you away from the existing world for a second. And I like the latter a bit more. - Author: Ville Valo
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#15. Nobody was to be trusted. The plan that had ensnared her had been the brainchild of her protector, Maxim Childersin. - Author: Frances Hardinge
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