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Top 14 Climatologists Quotes

#1. Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness makes for pride.
Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God makes for despair.
Knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance because he shows us both God and our own wretchedness. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#2. A tautology's truth is certain, a proposition's possible, a contradiction's impossible. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
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#3. I like the fact that kids are willing to be imaginative and go along with me when I'm telling strange tales. - Author: Margaret Haddix
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#4. I bet you went on one date and wanted to get married. - Author: Lou Holtz
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#5. Of all the climatologists whose careers depend on the climate changing to keep themselves publishing articles - yes, I could read that, but I don't believe it. - Author: Larry Bucshon
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#6. Climatologists are all agreed that we'd be lucky to see the end of this century without the world being a totally different place, and being 8 or 9 degrees hotter on average. - Author: James Lovelock
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#7. Knowing who you are begins in the mind. - Author: Bebe Moore Campbell
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#8. The world takes its notions of God from the people who say that they belong to God's family. They read us a great deal more than they read the Bible. They see us; they only hear about Jesus Christ. - Author: Alexander MacLaren
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#9. My hubby makes a mean salmon steak at the grill, but he leaves all the sides up to me. I love to grill and roast vegetables. I also experiment with baking instead of frying some things, like onion rings. I even make biscuits with coconut oil these days. - Author: Kimberly Schlapman
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#10. Maybe climate change is a threat, and maybe climate change has been tarted up by climatologists trolling for research grant cash. It doesn't matter. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#11. I think there's some generational difference between some of the older members of the press and this younger president [Bill Clinton]. I think the older members are not quite on the same wave length, and in general. I think it's been very devastating to the president. - Author: David Gergen
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#12. Think day and night, I am of the essence of that Supreme Existence, Knowledge, Bliss-what fear and anxiety have I? This body, mind, and intellect are all transient, and That which is beyond these is myself. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#13. Most climatologists agree that, at best, global warming is a theory about future climactic conditions and cannot be proven based upon the historic record. - Author: Mike Pence
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#14. The greatest achievement was at first and for a time only a dream. Just as the oak sleeps in the acorn, and the bird waits in the egg, so dreams are the seedlings of realities. - Author: Jeff Wheeler
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