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#1. To make an Army work you have to have every man in it fitted into a fear ladder ... The Army functions best when you're frightened of the man above you, and contemptuous of your subordinates. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#2. Most actors are lucky to ever get a job, period. I never forget that, because I have so many actor friends in L.A., and most of us barely ever work. And those of us that do, it's still only 60 days out of the year that we're actually on camera. It's an absurdly low number. - Author: Emile Hirsch
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#3. So we have to recognize that species concepts are humanly produced categories which may or may not always work when compared with the reality of nature. - Author: Chris Stringer
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#4. Yet, most of the readily accessible reserves of oil formed over hundreds of millions of years will be consumed within a single generation, spanning the years from 1960 to 1995. - Author: Lester R. Brown
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#5. Archer, through all his deeper feelings, tasted the pleasurable excitement of being in a world where action followed on emotion with such Olympian speed. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#6. Jesus, do you always show up like this, at the craziest of times and in the oddest of places? I sure hope so. - Author: Lisa Samson
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#7. The emancipation of women from intemperance, injustice, prejudice, and bigotry. see Edgar Y. Harburg, We Gotta be Free - Author: Amelia Bloomer
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#8. That's the thing I loved about drag queens, life was a constant movie; no matter how ridiculously things didn't match they would sacrifice everything for the pose, and I was definitely into the pose. - Author: Mary Woronov
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#9. Were there a Christian so faithful to his God as I was to her we would all be Jesus Christ today. - Author: Henry Miller
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#10. You are here for the experience of joyful expansion. It was by the power - Author: Esther Hicks
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#11. If one leaves home one might get a flower pot on his head and die. - Author: Orlan
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#12. There's nothing so heavy as books, sir
unless it's bricks. - Author: Graham Greene
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#13. Let woman's claim be as broad in the concrete as the abstract. We take our stand on the solidarity of humanity, the oneness of life, and the unnaturalness and injustice of all special favoritism, whether of sex, race, country, or condition. If one link of the chain is broken, the chain is broken. - Author: Anna Julia Cooper
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#14. Tereza knew what happens during the moment love is born: the woman cannot resist the voice calling forth her terrified soul; the man cannot resist the woman whose soul thus responds to his voice. - Author: Milan Kundera
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