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Top 13 Clever Autumn Sayings

#1. All fiction comes from a little bit of reality, otherwise it would have no relevance. The fun is in innovation, take something real like this fair, and make it something larger than life. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#2. We do not control the trade of our resources, which are an important factor of prosperity for the dominant nations. - Author: Omar Bongo
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#3. There are so many sad people nowadays that sadness looks normal. - Author: Kate Saunders
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#4. Remember, when you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others.
The same applies when you are stupid. - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#5. Rules are made to be broken, but hearts are broken to be made.
It is a big miracle to be loved "because" of your inadequacies, not "despite" them.
And nothing can be as fascinating as walking tall on the same road that once witnessed your fall. - Author: Olaotan Fawehinmi
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#6. The Governess when she thought that she'd be lucky to sell even 50 books to family and friends. But she has been so very thrilled - Author: Ellise C. Weaver
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#7. I was a kid from Oklahoma who never wanted to be a singer, but was told I could sing. And things snowballed. - Author: Patti Page
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#8. But a lot of that kind of work is done pre-flight, coordinating efforts with the flight directors and the ground teams, and figuring out how you're going to operate together. - Author: Leroy Chiao
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#9. I would say my return to my faith is - it's a very personal thing. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#10. If infinity is as they describe it, all things are not just possible but in the end certain ... - Author: Fay Weldon
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#11. Stop the B.S. (BLocking Your Spirit) and Start Living a Life You Love! - Author: Natasha Munson
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#12. Most girls want the right guy. They aren't looking for a one-time thing. - Author: H.M. Ward
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#13. Chicago is my hometown and will always have a special place in my heart. - Author: Kenneth Choi
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