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Top 11 City Of Djinns Quotes

#1. Mr William, he said, in my life six times have I crashed, and on not one occasion have I ever been killed.( Bevinda Singh taxi driver from City of Djinns - Author: William Dalrymple
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#2. I like strong women - not necessarily a masculine woman - but I like strong women ... say a woman who runs a C.E.O. corporation. I like a strong woman with confidence - massive confidence - and then I want to dominate her sexually. - Author: Mike Tyson
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#3. This time he had seen it coming, like a monster in a slow-motion nightmare. This time he had seen it coming, like standing rooted on the railroad tracks, unable to jump aside. - Author: Michael Grant
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#4. I think fame comes from actually doing something big with your career. - Author: Leah LaBelle
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#5. Pain is the great equalizer, the cure to mental anguish, the antidote for a hopeful heart. - Author: David Estes
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#6. I am more than a battlefield than a man. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#7. To make a documentary is one thing, to make a feature film is quite another. - Author: Dennis Hopper
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#8. I think the idea of having the show divided into two parts was that Tom Tom Club opened for Talking Heads in Europe, and it was the best we'd ever had as an opening act. - Author: Tina Weymouth
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#9. Man has been growing more stupid for several thousand years; I myself shall waste no tears at his demise. - Author: George R. Stewart
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#10. We can go through anything because Jesus goes before us. - Author: Max De Pree
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#11. Why do we fight?" he asked.

"Because we were born. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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