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Top 10 Cindy Lou Whoville Quotes

#1. We're all sinners, m'boy. Some of us just enjoy it more than others. - Author: Emma Chase
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#2. Sometimes the best moment to sing a victory song is in the middle of your battle. - Author: Jeremy Riddle
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#3. My idea of socialism is no state monopoly. There should be stress on the subjectivity of the human being. You need good material conditions, a high level of culture, much freedom and friendship. And it won't come today or tomorrow. It's a long and winding road - Author: Marek Edelman
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#4. Kawasumi-kun is holding tighter than I am. - Author: Suu Morishita
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#5. Cyril, church warden and lead tenor in the choir, lives with mother, banned from unsupervised contact with schoolchildren; Harold, drunk dentist, early retirement, pretty thatched cottage off the Bodmin road, one son in rehab, wife in the bin. - Author: John Le Carre
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#6. I don't know whether the bird you are holding is dead or alive, but what I do know is that it is in your hands. It is in your hands. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#7. Constantly probe the people who report to you, and encourage them to probe you. - Author: Ray Dalio
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#8. Carry out your literary dream, no matter how unlikely it may seem ... - Author: Terry A. O'Neal
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#9. I have ceased concerning myself with how things look to others, Abigail Rook. I suggest you do the same. In my experience, others are generally wrong. - Author: William Ritter
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#10. I was in a relationship with a girl I loved for three years. Where do you go after three years? Then you've got to start thinking about other things, and I'm too young to think about those things. - Author: Shia Labeouf
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