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Top 9 Churchmouse Yarn Quotes

#1. Does God love us even when our hearts are far from Him? The answer: Yes, He does! - Author: James MacDonald
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#2. I would prefer my experiences in communication to have a growth-promoting effect, both on me and on the other, and I should like to avoid those communication experiences in which both I and the other person feel diminished. - Author: Carl R. Rogers
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#3. You know you're on stage being the life of the party and trying to get laughs, and then, in a lot of ways, you don't have anything to give once you give it to the people. - Author: Artie Lange
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#4. A true work of art is shaped by the hands of another, and if in shaping us that 'other' is anything other than God, the piece will never touch the remotest periphery of its potential. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#5. Marx, Darwin and Freud are the three most crashing bores of the Western World. Simplistic popularization of their ideas has thrust our world into a mental straitjacket from which we can only escape by the most anarchic violence. - Author: William Golding
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#6. Opportunities are everywhere. The question is who is going to take advantage of them. - Author: Ehab Atalla
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#7. You can only conceive of what lies beyond the state of mind you are in from the point of view of the state of mind you are in. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#8. There is nothing so patient, in this world or any other, as a virus searching for a host. - Author: Mira Grant
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#9. Spacetime grips mass, telling it how to move ...
Mass grips spacetime, telling it how to curve - Author: John Archibald Wheeler
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