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#1. Adiation ... the biggest lobby ... in the world. It's involved in university research ... industries ... the whole medical profession.., the whole military establishment, and the economic and military policy of the country depends on people being willing to handle radio-active materials. - Author: Rosalie Bertell
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#2. Call me a nature nut. I love nature. I like to walk in nature, I use natural remedies, and I practice natural medicine as a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles. - Willow McQuade, ND star of Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery. - Author: Chrystle Fiedler
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#3. My love for chaos, conspiracy and the dark side of human nature colors the behavior of my charges, most of whom are already living near the fringes of acceptable conduct. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#4. My old man was a musician - that's what he did for a living. And like most fathers, occasionally he'd let me visit where he worked. So I started going to his recording studio, and I really dug it. - Author: Dimebag Darrell
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#5. Music is the one universal language. It's your best friend when the chips are down, and it's better than any energy drink when you're feeling it. - Author: Dave Smalley
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#6. Between always and never - Author: Paul Celan
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#7. The second album is the hardest to write. It's nothing like the first album. - Author: Theophilus London
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#8. I know some things when I start. I know, let's say, that the play is going to be a 1970s or a 1930s play, and it's going to be about a piano, but that's it. I slowly discover who the characters are as I go along. - Author: August Wilson
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#9. Chrystle? I'm back!
I refused to say that I was home because Cassie was my home. But I'd lost that, and her, forever, so I'd never truly be home again. - Author: J. Sterling
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#10. Every year you suit up, you play for a championship. Some years, some teams ... it was very few times I think I played on that realistically had a chance. - Author: Grant Hill
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#11. Many people believe that the current system must inevitably end in total annihilation. They reject, sometimes very emotionally, any attempts to analyze this notion. - Author: Herman Kahn
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