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#1. I climbed the stairs and got back into bed, pulling a pillow over my face to block out the summer light. But there was no hiding from reality that morning. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#2. It's really nice to have someone who's intelligent and articulate to talk to about what you're doing, because it's a big part of who we are. - Author: Chris Pratt
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#3. A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life. - Author: Edward Malloy
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#4. But I always worked harder when I was up against something, or when someone assumed I couldn't succeed. That's what drove me, all those nights studying. The fact that so many figured I couldn't do it. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#5. A man's religion is himself. If he is right-minded toward God, he is religious; if the Lord Jesus Christ is his schoolmaster, then he is Christianly religious. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#6. My approach in life is very clear: if there is an error, I tend to apologise and indeed most mornings I'll apologise in advance to my wife for the inevitable errors I'm going to make during the course of a day. - Author: Greg Hunt
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#7. You'll work hard to create characters that are compelling and unforgettable. But in the end, it's the story that matters. - Author: James Dashner
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#8. As the day wore on I watched the birds all flying in one direction, and said, Land lies there. - Author: Joshua Slocum
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#9. But women have fortitude beyond that of a man, have an innate sense of trust in spiritual things. - Author: Bill Brooks
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#10. Courage isn't something you are born with. It comes to you with experience. - Author: Patricia Neal
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#11. With its continued dismissal of the law of God in ethics, Fundamentalism expressed both a "spiritualized" form of situational ethics and a "Christianly submissive" statism. - Author: Greg L. Bahnsen
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#12. There is nothing in our experience, however trivial, worldly, or even evil, which cannot be thought about christianly. - Author: Harry Blamires
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#13. This divine Compassion is spontaneous Delight. In it there is no feeling of separativity, no feeling that one is superior and the other is inferior. No! It is a feeling of oneness. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
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#14. The bland assumption that the Church's life will continue to be fruitful so long as we go on praying and cultivating our souls, irrespective of whether we trouble to think and talk Christianly, and therefore theologically, about anything we or others may do or say, may turn out to have dire results. - Author: Harry Blamires
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