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Top 11 Christian Adultery Quotes

#1. I slunk
off in the direction of the cocktail table - the only place in
the garden where a single man could linger without looking
purposeless and alone. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#2. Aelin had promised herself, months and months ago, that she would not pretend to be anything but what she was. She had crawled through darkness and blood and despair-she had survived. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#3. A woman never wrote, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." God wrote that. You sin first and foremost against God. - Author: Johnny Hunt
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#4. Light reading (by this, I mean books of little importance) may amuse for the moment, but leaves nothing solid behind. - Author: Ron Chernow
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#5. Once you discover that real pirates are more interesting than fictional ones, you can't look away. - Author: Robert Kurson
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#6. Perhaps we can recognize our way out of patterns rather than repeating our way out of them. - Author: Patti Digh
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#7. There will be no danger of idolatry. The earth and the heavens and all things will declare the glory of God, and the essence of our joy in them will be joy in him. What makes our reward truly great is the greater fullness of our fellowship with God. - Author: John Piper
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#8. Messi is probably the best player of the last 20 years. - Author: Ryan Giggs
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#9. When I'm putting the character together I try to find music that I think fits the character ... - Author: Ed Speleers
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#10. Orphans have many parents. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#11. For one kiss, darling, I swear everything I would give. Cause you're a walking, talking reason to live. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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