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#1. Someday, when he was good enough, he would ask her to write them in a book and let him do all the pictures. - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#2. I couldn't bear to think about it; and yet, somehow, I couldn't think about nothing else. - Author: Mark Twain
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#3. Dying is not dead. - Author: George R R Martin
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#4. Woodstock happened in August 1969, long before the Internet and mobile phones made it possible to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere. It was a time when we weren't able to witness world events or the horrors of war live on 24-hour news channels. - Author: Richie Havens
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#5. Kennedy was a lot of fun, always. He had something going on. But not Nixon. - Author: George Smathers
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#6. The ready availability of suicide, like sex and alcohol, is one of life's basic consolations. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#7. But it's tempting, isn't it, to give somebody like Olympia or Fenleigh a taste of their own medicine? To get even?'
I agree it's tempting. *Really* tempting. But it doesn't solve anything. It just perpetuates the problem by making us as bad as them. And we don't need any more of them, do we? - Author: Jean Ferris
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#8. I use photography as a way to help me understand why I am here. The camera helps me to see. - Author: Trent Parke
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#9. First, his job approval ratings have been trending down for many months, a trend that has accelerated in recent weeks as the war on terrorism has been supplanted in the public's mind by corporate scandals, stock market declines, and a growing sense of economic insecurity. - Author: Thomas E. Mann
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#10. The "word of the Lord" is designed to reshape your purposes, putting you in a position for Him to do through you what you cannot do on your own. - Author: Priscilla Shirer
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#11. A little party never killed nobody. - Author: Fergie
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#12. It's fun seeing my label on someone's behind - I like that. - Author: Calvin Klein
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#13. American English is the greatest influence of English everywhere. - Author: Robert Burchfield
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#14. I think the worst thing in the world is to have the courts decide who to target in the war on terrorism. And courts are not military commanders. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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