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#1. No more diving into pools of chlorinated water lit green from below. No more ball games played out under floodlights. No more porch lights with moths fluttering on summer nights. No more trains running under the surface of cities on the dazzling power of the electric third rail. No more cities. - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
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#2. You know, how much order is good? And when does order become too restrictive? Is a little bit of chaos okay, or is chaos always an evil force? I mean, these are questions that any kid who's ever been in a school cafeteria can relate to. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#3. You can hardly imagine that I and Lord Bracknell would dream of allowing our only daughter - a girl brought up with the utmost care - to marry into a cloak-room, and form an alliance with a parcel? - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#4. Look, girls don't care how many push-ups you can do. They just want to get high and wear flowers in their hair. Maybe steal a car. - Author: Donald Ray Pollock
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#5. Grant us the wil1 to fashion as we feel, Grant us the strength to labor as we know, Grant us the purpose, ribbed and edged with steel, To strike the blow. - Author: John Drinkwater
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#6. Since we're living with antibiotic drugs and chlorinated water and antibacterial soap and all these factors in our contemporary lives that I'd group together as a 'war on bacteria,' if we fail to replenish [good bacteria], we won't effectively get nutrients out of the food we're eating. - Author: Sandor Katz
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#7. For lunches he rode the elevator to the fourth-floor food court and ate Thai Town or Subway at a table tucked among potted tropicals, gazing past milling teenagers to the little penny-choked fountain where a copper salmon spat water into a chlorinated pool. - Author: Anthony Doerr
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#8. You're certain about that?"

"I'm quite competent with the chlorinated hydrocarbons, thank you. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#9. By the time I got home at night, my eyes were so chlorinated I saw rings around every light. - Author: Esther Williams
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#10. The reality is if you were going to die tomorrow, and someone offered you another 10 years, most people would take those 10 years. - Author: Bill Maris
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#11. Why were the bad people doing that? Because of Money. Money was invisible, like Fuck. They thought that Money was their helper; they thought he was a better helper than Fuck. But they were wrong about that. Money was not their helper. Money goes away just when you need it. But Fuck is very loyal. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#12. No, as far as I am concerned, let your wife cherish the memory of this dead, stainless mother. Why should I interfere with her illusions? - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#13. There is not a man who has been in this community a few years but knows I am telling the living truth. Do any of you hate me for it? Do any of you love me for it? It is all the same to me. - Author: Brigham Young
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#14. Cleansed, chlorinated to the point of chemical peel, sore muscles relieved, I felt almost human again. Tiptoe to my room, up a darkened hall, past closed doors, I wondered if I'd ever feel completely human again. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#15. We're built for drama. While they will always be orangutans. - Author: Dee Lestari
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#16. I love the live cut part of making records the surprises are the prizes. - Author: Shelby Lynne
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#17. In both cooperative learning and project work, the teacher encourages children to talk to one another. This helps them pay attention to each other's efforts and ideas. Children take to these kinds of exchanges very readily, but the teacher really needs to encourage this interaction. - Author: Lilian Katz
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