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#1. I've said I won't eat meat until the whole world can eat it responsibly, which is going to be hard. It's becoming more and more fashionable to eat more and more meat and they've just made it fashionable to eat meat in the east in China, which is a massive population. - Author: Douglas Booth
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#2. Overall employment pressure is also fading because China's working-age population peaked in 2011 and the fall is expected to accelerate, due largely to the decades-old one-child policy. - Author: Anonymous
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#3. Deng Xiaoping made a calculation. He bet on demographics. What he knew was that China had this enormous population of young, underemployed people, people who he could move from the farms to the coast and put them to work in factories, and that would be the lifeblood of China's economy. - Author: Evan Osnos
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#4. China is a developing country with a huge population, and also a developing country in a crucial stage of reform. In this context, China still faces many challenges in economic and social development. And a lot still needs to be done in China, in terms of human rights. - Author: Hu Jintao
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#5. Although when Christianity appeared the total population of the planet was only a fraction of that of the twentieth century, most of the earth's surface was quite outside the Mediterranean world, Persia, India, and China. - Author: Kenneth Scott Latourette
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#6. The Mong Kok area in China holds the record for most crowded area, with an estimated population density of 130,000 people per square kilometer. - Author: Luke Reiner
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#7. To balance China, the democracies will need new friends - and India with its fast-growing economy, youthful population, and democratic politics seems the obvious candidate. - Author: David Frum
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#8. One of the unique features of China is that, notwithstanding the fact that it has a population of 1.3 billion, around 92% regard themselves as Han Chinese. This is quite different from the world's other most populous countries, such as India, the U.S. and Indonesia, which are ethnically diverse. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#9. They say that Good ultimately wins, OK! Sir, Agreed! but the win-loss record of Good vs. Evil is like population of (Moldova vs. China). - Author: Mohit Sharma
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#10. Whenever I'm worried about anything," said this guy Ben, "I like to think about China. China has a population of like two billion people, and not one of them even remotely cares about whatever you think is so important." I acknowledged that this was a great comfort. Svetlana - Author: Elif Batuman
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#11. We don't believe the market can be dominated by one company in e-commerce in China - namely Alibaba. The Chinese market is very wide and deep, with a huge population. - Author: Zhang Jindong
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#12. Wen Jiabao: "When you multiply any problem by China's population, it is a very big problem. But when you divide it by China's population, it becomes very small." The - Author: Arthur R. Kroeber
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#13. By 2022, China is expected to cede the dubious distinction of being the world's most populous nation to India, according to the population division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. - Author: Barbara Demick
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#14. By 2060, India's economy is projected to be larger than China's because of its greater population growth. India is forecast to produce about one-quarter of world GDP from 2040 through the rest of this century. - Author: Jeremy J. Siegel
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#15. We need to create brand institutions. In the fortune 500 companies, 5 Indian companies are named while 15 are from China though we have similar kind of populations. - Author: Abdul Kalam
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#16. More than 90% of Chinese believe themselves to be Han. Of course, such a vast population is derived from countless different races, but because China has enjoyed such a long and continuous history as a polity, there has been thousands of years of mixing, melding and assimilation. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#17. We have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. 'America, land of liberty and freedom?' You know, that's baloney. More than 2 million Americans are behind bars now. Communist China has four times the population and they have 1.5 million people behind bars. - Author: Gary Johnson
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#18. The media tycoon Ted Turner told a newspaper reporter in 2010 that other countries should follow China's lead in instituting a one-child policy to reduce global population over time. - Author: Matt Ridley
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#19. China is not only formidable, it is also aggressively building its own economic infrastructure. Just a few years from now, China will rival the U.S. and the European Union in global market power. It already has surpassed us in population. - Author: Jo Ann Emerson
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#20. In his brilliant new book Pankaj Mishra reverses the long gaze of the West upon the East, showing modern history as it has been felt by the majority of the world's population from Turkey to China. These are the amazing stories of the grandfathers of today's angry Asians. Excellent! - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#21. With its population making up one fifth of the world's total, China offers a market with enormous potential. - Author: Li Keqiang
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#22. China is able to feed 23 percent of the world's population from 7 percent of the arable land - "by crowding some 2,000 human beings onto each square mile of cultivated earth in the valleys and flood plains," as Fairbank points out. - Author: Robert D. Kaplan
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#23. Living in China has made me appreciate my own country, with its tiny, ethnically diverse population of unassuming donut-eaters. - Author: Jan Wong
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#24. When you go for business, you just see the airport, the offices, cities. You never see what 80 per cent of the population does in a country, so if you want to understand what Indonesia is made of, or the depths of China or India, you have to go and see. - Author: Jean-Pascal Tricoire
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#25. But in China, even as rates of divorce have climbed, so much of the culture revolves around family and offspring that 98 percent of the female population eventually marries - one of the highest levels in the world. - Author: Evan Osnos
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#26. Since China has a population of 1.1 billion, it won't feel lonely even if it becomes the only socialist country. - Author: Li Peng
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#27. You get a series of super-typhoons into Shanghai and millions of people die. Does the population there lose faith in Chinese government? Does China start to fissure? I'd prefer to deal with a rising, dominant China any day. - Author: David Titley
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#28. I was in high school in 1953 when the Committee of One Million circulated a petition urging that Red China - one third of the world's population - be excluded from the United Nations. And I remember I refused to sign it, at 14 or 15 years old. - Author: Brian Dennehy
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#29. Facebook is not a physical country, but with 900 million users, its 'population' comes third after China and India. It may not be able to tax or jail its inhabitants, but its executives, programmers, and engineers do exercise a form of governance over people's online activities and identities. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
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#30. There are eleven or twelve or thirteen cities in China with populations of over 10 million people and most people in the West have never even heard of these cities. - Author: Roger Corman
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#31. China is clearly going to be the number one economic power and it is already full of potential.. with lots of population and the buying power increasing by the day. - Author: Bernard Arnault
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#32. The Mongol conquests are difficult to fathom. Although their most important technology was the horse, they conquered much of the known world from China to Europe, a series of wars that killed tens of millions of people, then a substantial chunk of the world's population. - Author: Max Fisher
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#33. China has a bigger middle class than the entire population of Europe. - Author: Jan Chipchase
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#34. Whenever I am worried about anything," said this guy Ben,"I like to think about China. China has a population of like two billion people, and not one of them even remotely cares about whatever you think is so important." I acknowledged that this was a great comfort. - Author: Elif Batuman
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